Respect | Razteria

Irie Magazine Cali Edition - November 2015 - Respect - Razteria


San Francisco based artist Razteria (aka Renee Asteria) can be described as a fusion of early No Doubt, Steel Pulse and Marissa Monte. Her multicultural background (US-born, Bolivian-Dutch heritage) has had a profound influence on her musical path.

Performing in English, Spanish and Portuguese, her music has been described as ‘musically adventurous’ and ‘a one of a kind breaking of all rules’, uniting Reggae, passionate Latin grooves, Rock, powerful messages and musical genius.

Razteria has opened: Grammy award winning reggae artist Michael Rose, popular UK/JA lover’s rock Lloyd Brown, The Garifuna Collective from Belize and more. Noteworthy performances include Reggae on the River, World One Festival, World Fest Los Angeles, Northwest World Reggae Festival and the Montreal Jazz festival to name a few. Her music has been licensed by MTV’s True Life series and independent films.

Razteria is currently in full production mode – her fifth album will be released in 2016. Her single ‘Little Sister’, a lively pop-reggae tune, fruit of an international collaboration between Kinyama Sounds (Geneva, Switzerland) and Live Oak Studio (Berkeley, CA) was released on all digital platforms by the Independent Distribution Collective (IDC, San Francisco, CA) on July 7th, 2015. MAZ RAZ, her senior album, is available on iTunes and other digital platforms.