Respect | Prime Livity

Irie Magazine Cali Edition - October 2015 - Respect - Prime Livity

Prime Livity

Meet Prime Livity… a Reggae band from Los Angeles, California that plays for positive, conscious change in the world. Through the power of the Most High, their music comes alive, uplifting brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, while keeping spirituality, love, and respect for all life in our musical being.

Since the beginning of their formation in October 2014, Prime Livity has been connecting with the people and inspiring the masses. Their members include Bellywize Davis (Lead Vocals), Alex Gonzo (Drums), I-One Dread (Guitar), Stevie Ras (Bass) and Aaron Valdez (Keys/Bubble).

They recently released several IRIE trax including ‘She Knows’, ‘Cease Fire’ and ‘Holy Smoke’, which just happens to be an Irie Magazine favorite! They are currently recording their first album, soon to be released. Respect!

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