RESPECT | Paolo Baldini – DubFiles

RESPECT | Paolo Baldini - Dubfiles

Paolo Baldini


Paolo Baldini was born in Pordenone, Italy, in 1975. With his first band (B.R. Stylers), he stood out in the Italian reggae scene thanks to the massive use of electronics and UK-inspired sounds, which will be one of his distinctive features for a long time. In 2006 Baldini joined the longest-standing Italian reggae band Africa Unite, of which he produced two albums (“Controlli” and “Rootz”). The collaboration with band leader Madaski generated THE DUB SYNC project.

Over time, his approach and technique became increasingly analog and inspired by the legends of Jamaican dub like King Tubby and Scientist.

Baldini is the producer of the most important Italian independent rock band, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. He has produced three albums for the band, including (“Primitivi del futuro/Primitivi del dub”; “Nel giardino dei fantasmi,” and “Inumani”), blending rock, reggae, and world music.


From the very beginning, Paolo Baldini is also the producer of the Italian reggae band Mellow Mood, his best-known international collaboration.

In 2014, Baldini debuted with his solo project Paolo Baldini DubFiles, which centered around his work as a dub master. In February 2015, he traveled to Jamaica to record his second album, “At Song Embassy Papine Kingston 6”. Dozens of artists from the Papine ghetto, most of whom are unknown to the mainstream public, transform Baldini’s riddims into a tribute to Jamaica’s most spontaneous and multi-faceted genius.

After intensively touring Europe and the Americas, 2018 is again a busy year. For his label La Tempesta Dub, which he jointly manages with Mellow Mood, Baldini produces Forelock & Arawak’s To the Foundation, Mellow Mood’s Large, and its dub follow-up Large Dub. At the same time, Baldini also started working with the legendary U.K. label Pressure Sounds, mixing and re-mixing several released and unreleased Jamaican songs from the 70s and 80s.

At the beginning of 2020, Baldini announces the release of a full-length album in cooperation with Dan I and Imperial Sound Army. The album, “Dolomites Rockers,” explores a darker electronic and heavyweight sonic landscape compared to the previous DubFiles works. However, Baldini maintains his renowned analog and organic approach to production, while Dan I once more proves his skillful songwriting by providing rock-solid riddims and powerful melodies. In addition, the album is enriched by special guest appearances by several artists (Akae Beka, Fikir Amlak, and Benji Revelation) to testify further to the international calling of a project which dub fans will love all around the world.