Respect | Naffi-I

Irie Magazine World Reggae Edition - December 2015 - Respect - Naffi-I


Naffi-i was born in the UK to a family where music was the food for every feeling you had. Naffi-i’s early musical experience began at the early age of 10 yr’s old where she use to jam with her brother, sister and friends around the piano and a few bin lids for Drums. This would lead her to a band called ‘Oceans’ where she first started performing at festivals.

Years later, she left Oceans and trained to become a youth worker. She worked with the youth teaching them drama, art, cooking and life skills. Her love and passion for music never died.

In 2006, Naffi-i hit the streets with her first singles entitled ‘We Shall Not Want’ and ‘Stand Up’ which also featured her niece ‘Lady of Soul’ and her 7 yr old Son, ‘Iquela’ on the Roots Injection Label. The tracks sold out. Since then, she has worked extensively with some of the top Producers in the roots scene. In 2008, She released a few more songs through various record labels.

Her album, ‘Stand Firm’, which released in 2009, took the world by storm and was based on life, upliftment and inspiration with a universal message. The album featured 20 banging tracks with a few special dub tracks.

Because of her love for music, Naffi-i started presenting on a variety of Radio stations while hosting several chat shows. Naffi-I hosted a Jazz show where she played the old skool greats like Nina Simone, Kenny G and many more. Naffi-i also had a show called ‘The Soul Train Show’ where she played Motown, RnB, Rare Grooves from the 50’s and up. She also hosted a show called ‘Rockers & Dub’.

Due to circumstances, Naffi-i had to cut down her sessions with her Jazz and soul show along with the chat shows, leaving Naffi-i with just the Rockers & Dub Show which Naffi-i says she will not give up. After moving from station to station, Naffi-i is now hosting her own show on FM 1 FM Radio station every sunday between 7pm – 10pm UK time. She plays a wide range of Reggae music from foundation to new, Roots & Culture, Ska, Lovers Rock, Rock Steady, Studio One, Rub A Dub, Steppers and so much more on the Reggae all day sunday’s. You can joined Naffi-i and have a good time chilling every sunday evening’s at

In 2011, Naffi-i released the album, ‘Strong I Love Jah’, to the four corners of the globe featuring a variety of styles, while understanding that each individual is unique. Naffi-I truly believes that ‘Word sound can make all the difference in life and how we live today.”

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