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Kumar Bent

Kumar ‘Kumz’ Bent, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, was born on December 12, 1988 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Kumar is a lover of words, a natural story teller who even speaks in melodies. Music is his vibe, his consciousness, his healing and his food. Kumz also grew up in the church where he got involved in music early, taking part also in local music & culture festivals during his early academic years.

Kumar chose to focus on his academics, with teachers for parents, he was a focused student with more than an affinity for music. While pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering he ‘surrendered to divine will’, and enrolled at The Edna Manley College where he discovered that his passions for music could reach greater heights if properly trained. Initially studying piano/keyboard for two years, he was encouraged by Ibo Cooper to switch to vocal studies and focus on songwriting.

Kumar was eager to start a career in music. Although still attending Edna, his ambition and natural inclination toward business propelled him to frequent prominent studios recording singles as a solo dancehall act. Fairly quickly he found himself unsatisfied with the authenticity of the music he was creating: “the soul was missing” so he sought a different meditation.

A similar energetic shift occurred in Raging Fyah around the same time, resulting in an opening for a lead vocalist – as their are no coincidences, Kumar officially joined the band in late 2009.Despite being the youngest member of the band, Kumar’s lyrics beg listeners to question his years. Full of wisdom, foresight and an innate ability to see the world as it truly is, his songs resonate deeply with listeners as he effortlessly sings truths that most of us feel along our own life journeys.