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40 Acres N Sum Mula

Rapper JuJu Rogers, born to an American G.I. from New Orleans and a German mother with Austrian roots, grew up in between two worlds in the working-class city of Schweinfurt, Germany. Listening to his father’s collection of jazz and soul records and playing the trumpet from an early age, JuJu Rogers developed a deep understanding of music and the various cultures behind it. But only as a teenager, he fell for hip-hop, starting to write his songs. Ever since, he has developed outstanding lyricism skills and continuously proves his versatility as a rapper, having toured all over Europe and, lately, with the release of his second solo album, ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula’.

JuJu’s latest album was released through Jakarta Records in September 2019 and featured AustralianZambian rapper Sampa The Great as well as productions of Like (Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak), Farhot (Isaiah Rashad, Nneka), and Crada (Drake, Kid Cudi). The making of this record was shaped over the last few years and heavily influenced by JuJu Rogers’ studies and life in Berlin as a growing western European metropolis and his exploration of his heritage as a black man. In 2018 he traveled to Sudan and Morocco, which shaped his perception of today’s postcolonial world even further. On ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula’ he’s dealing with questions of identity, spirituality, and political ideas taking a radical stand against the capitalist,
imperialist status quo, incorporating his very personal concept of Afrofuturism. JuJu Rogers produced and recorded ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula’ in Berlin with young producer and drummer Dhanya Langer, who is part of jazz and hip-hop duo Modha. The album’s sound is heavily influenced by various eras of black music, both contemporary and classic, sculpturing the soundtrack for JuJu to tell his stories in a new way.


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