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“Dub Silence offers you a dreamlike journey, a sincere and touching adventure, punctuated by a fraternal atmosphere. This band is a subtle mix of reggae, hip-hop and lyrics with a musical smile. Love, sharing and friendship are the watchwords of the project. This concentrated energy will vibrate the scene and your hearts until the synchronization of your organs with the universe. Dub for sound and silence to allow sound to exist.”


IRIE™ | Dub Silence - Anomalie

Release Date: April 19, 2019
Label: Dub Silence records
Copyright: 2019 Dub Silence records
Total Length: 51:49
Total Tracks: 13
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

It all started with YouTube covers in 2013 that Augustin, Clément (twin brothers) and Mehdi created Dub Silence. Their first homemade music video ‘Musical Opposition’ has a small success deserved since everything for a start is mastered. But it’s the resumption of “Hits from the bong” Cypress Hill will take off their YouTube channel. It’s actually a complete rearrangement of the song, since the two brothers only repeat the lyrics and create an instrumental harmonic reggae: a difficult exercise. There will be several compositions and collaborations with friends, and lots of covers by bands such as Danakil, Tryö and Naâman. The alliance of the two brothers’ voices with that of Mehdi is very harmonious and contributes enormously to the musical identity of the band in a very natural way. This is Dub Silence: Spontaneity.

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