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Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I

The artist/ producer Christos DC (aka Christopher Vrenios) was born and raised in Washington, D.C. by parents who sang opera and taught voice professionally. He takes his name from his Greek heritage, using a nickname given to him by his grandmother to represent the lineage that set the tone of his musical path.

It was Christos’ deep appreciation for the sounds coming out of Kingston, Jamaica that led him to produce and record with legendary reggae artists Sly and Robbie, the Firehouse Crew, The Itals, Augustus Pablo, Sugar Minot and Don Carlos, the original lead singer from the Grammy-winning group Black Uhuru.

He also has co-written and recorded with the world-famous Thievery Corporation. He spent several years on the road as a guitarist and backup vocalist, performing in the United States and abroad.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack – Chapter 1

IRIE™ | Christos DC - Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I

Release Date: October 27, 2018
Copyright: 2018 Honest Music
Total Tracks: 1
Time Length: 04:14
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Christos DC | Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I

“I first met Nico in the summer of 2017 when I was touring with Don Carlos. We initially spoke at the Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. I was impressed with his ideas, and when I discovered he was the creator of Dread & Alive, I remembered my friend had told me about this comic. The storyline is well put together, making it extremely interesting when thinking about how to approach creating part of the soundtrack. I love how the first song came together by combining string and horn sections. Having Tippy I (I grade) create a Dub mix that pulled it together nicely.” – Christos DC

When Nico and Michelle returned from Europe in 2017, they kept in close contact with Christos DC. They would reunite for the Kaya Festival in San Bernadino, CA, in May 2018. It is here that the dialogue about working on the Dread & Alive soundtrack series began. The fruits of Christos DC’s labor is the haunting track, Still Living Dub featuring Tippy I.

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