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Christos DC

I Reserve the Right

feat. Dada Yute and the Skankin Monks

Christos DC’s new album, ‘Self Evident’, is scheduled to release Jan 17, 2020. Christos DC chose this day to commemorate the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

It features music from Honest Music studios as well as two riddims provided by The Skankin Monks out of Amsterdam and one from DeDubros who hails from Florence Italy.

There is a very organic and traditional sound to this record. I have always been a big fan of roots Reggae and that was a big influence on the sound. As my fifth solo album, I found myself doing quite a bit of soul searching in writing these songs.

Sometimes the message is open for interpretation as we each as individuals find our own personal meanings in what we hear. I love reggae music and respect it as a musical movement of uplifting our consciousness. As a means of balance in a world filled with so many struggles and so much corruption.

I Reserve the Right

IRIE™ | Christos DC - I Reserve the Right feat. Dada Yute and the Skankin Monks

Release Date: January 17, 2020
Label: Honest Music
Copyright: 2019 Honest Music
Total Length: 43:08
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

The first single is available to those who pre-order the album entitled ‘I Reserve the Right’. It features Dada Yute from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is quickly becoming a rising star. The music was provided by the Skankin Monks and has a very powerful driving sound. It is an expression that there are rights inalienable to us as human beings but also the rights we choose individually to defend in life.

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