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Anayah Roots Levi + Good Over Evil

Children Children

feat. Fred Locks

ANAYAH ROOTS LEVI is a conscious, natural woman who reaches your heart through her spiritual warm voice and lyric. A Reggae Roots Daughter and Lioness who has performed and recorded in different projects – Worldwide (UK, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Jamaica, Thailand, DK and more). Since a child, the expression of music has been close to her heart and for her, it feels like a mission to use that tool to lift people up. Music invites courage, love, and understanding to the fullest purpose of life. With this album, she wants to send that message and inspire healing through the power of sound and create a positive affirmation; spreading a vibe to stay virtuous and cure by Jah spirits. Inspiring to open your heart and open up to a higher sensitive spirit.

It is with great joy to present the collaboration with the legendary Jamaican Reggae Roots artist ‘Fred Locks’ on the tune, ‘Children Children’. The riddim of that tune is made by the Swedish based producer Jah Man Landen, who joins in with his sweet vibe of Roots Music. On backing vocals, you hear Monique Smith aka Harmonique, a well-known vocalist who has been backing up some of the greatest artists in Jamaica. The mixing and mastering of that tune and Dub version are made by ‘Good Over Evil Production’, concluding in a wicked, international combination between several artists from across the world.

Children Children

IRIE™ | Anayah Roots Levi - Children Children feat. Fred Locks + Good Over Evil

Release Date: November 30, 2019
Label: Fyraett.Se
Copyright: 2019 Anayah Roots Levy
Total Length: 7:08
Total Tracks: 2
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

‘Flowers in Jah Garden’ is an album where meditation is in its focus in a Roots Reggae Dub vibe. It is with JAH chants and heartbeat the message of Peace is spread. Where JAH love is the master and life for everything. Inspiring to combine ancient thinking with the modern world, this album is a tribute to the life itself and our ancestors. With her angelic voice and beautiful harmonies, easy lyrics she sings about the courage to believe in staying true to yourself and life around you. It is storytelling from a spiritual perspective staying virtuous in a cold world. Don’t give up! Just feel your body, mind and spirit float with the truth! A message to the world full of stress. A message to calm down and heal within.

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