Respect | Caliah Mar

Irie Magazine World Reggae Edition - December 2015 - Respect - Caliah Mar

Caliah Mar

Caliah Mar is a Colombian singer who actually resides in Reus. Though ‘Salsa’ marked her origins in music, step by step she was discovering Soul, Ska and Reggae and it is hereby that she started entering the Jamaican rooted music.

The singer has been linked throughout the years with a multitude of groups or bands as “Skarmiento Band” in her beginnings in Colombia (experience that it allowed her to contact the world of the ska and the culture reggae), La Plana Tropikal Krew in his step along Castellón (during this colaboration she acted as vocalist of the band ‘Alkerians and The Lionesses’ a ska, rocksteady and early reggae orientated band), or Kannarias Reggae during her stay in Tenerife.

Is in this stage in the Tenerife island that Caliah decides to undertake her solo career alongside Austrian producer Max Powa with whom enters in touch with the most digital sounds of reggae music and DUB, fact that remains reflected in the EP fruit of this collaboration ‘Caliah’ presented in January, 2015. Actually, and after some esporadic contacts, singer joined Di Farm Produccions definitely during september 2015 and decides to take some deeper journey throug Sound System culture and DUB music sounds and in this way, and helped by Reus Reggae Rockers (a Di Farm Produccions former collective), she started to prepare her new EP “Sé feliz” which will be publicated by December 4th (2015) to begin the tour statewide in January 2016 with dates in such cities as Reus, Tarragona, Lleida, Castellón, Valencia or Madrid.

At the same time the singer started a round of esporadic collaborations with some producers like David ‘Scratch’ Barraso (Di Farm Produccions), Irie Mass Dub (Jungle Raiders/Di Farm Produccions) or Ras Zohen.

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