RESPECT | Arky Starch – Good Dub Powa

IRIE Trax of the Day | Arky Starch - System Dub

Playing bass has always been Arky Starch’s first love. Arky believes that the bass makes you dance or gets you into this hypnotic state which lifts us from reality and relaxes your soul.

That’s what Good Dub Powa is all about, a good bass groove with enough variation on the instrumentation. Different delays and reverbs on the drums and voices. With the organ shuffle, he shifts his bass line with a slide to return to the primary bass line. A piano riff, percussion, and a conga come in and out throughout the dub. The voice cut is where he got the title for this song: Bredren, Good Power, Dub Power = Good Dub Powa!! In this track, he also uses sounds from Renegade Audio which he finds are top-notch. Arky is also a big fan of Dubmatix, his packs, and his music. Arkey often combines his live instruments with samples and mixes them into an original track.

Arky Starch

“A good friend told me I should make a video clip of a funfair or a freakshow on this dub, which is always exciting and inspiring what a listener thinks about when they hear the track or read the title. So this particular conversation gave me the idea for the artwork I am using. It is a kind of a power lift of my bass above my head.” – Arky Starch

While rehearsing for his live act, he discovered again how much he loved playing this bass line. It is a 130 bpm stepper and creates that steady danceable vibe that makes you happy while you enjoy the track. That is why he decided that it should be the first single he released from the new album, and since we were dedicating the July issue to “DUB,” he stepped up his game and made a final mix to master.

Arky Starch mixed the track in his home studio in Belgium, while Dubmatix mastered it at Renegade studio in Toronto.

Good Dub Powa is the first single from Arky Starch’s upcoming album “Horns, bass, and passion.” One note: This track doesn’t have horns but has a lot of passion on the bass.


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