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ROOTS | King Tubby – Dub Master

Photography By: Beth Lesser/UrbanImage Meet King Tubby, the Dub inventor who reshaped Jamaica’s musical landscape [...]

ROCK | Outside Lands – Music & Arts Festival

Outside Lands returns to San Francisco from August 5-7, 2022, brought to you by Another [...]

REGGAE | Dub Rebels

In this special DUB edition of IRIE, we re-introduce you to three extraordinary DUB rebels [...]

RESPECT | Arky Starch – Good Dub Powa

Playing bass has always been Arky Starch’s first love. Arky believes that the bass makes [...]

RESPECT | Zoe Mazah & Rob Symeonn – Bang Bang (The Sweetest Dub)

Bang Bang (The Sweetest Dub) is a tribute to Sound System culture. DJ ́s and [...]

RESPECT | Future Dub Orchestra – Dubmatix meets Future Dub Orchestra

The sound of Future Dub Orchestra meets Dubmatix is a hybrid of “Cinematic Electronica” and [...]


Our July 2022 edition of RELEASES is here and it’s strictly a DUB playlist. We’ve [...]

REWIND | Fourever Dubs – 2022 NBA Champions

They’re back! The Golden State Warriors, aka The Dubs, are the 2022 NBA Champions, and [...]