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Akeem Garrison

Meet Akeem Garrison… a humble man, with an energy that immediately surrounds you. “I tell the story of the life I live” – Akeem says.

Akeem’s ‘Life Set Away’ music video was shot in Angola Park, a TrenchTown scene where Rasta flags are predominant, reminding you of the strong legacy of this neighborhood. It is the ground of Jamaican reggae culture. “This is where I shot Life Set Away video” – Akeem tells me – “It’s my first official music video, I wanted to show what it means to me, to us, to live here, in the ghetto, yuh know” and continues, “The only way to do it was through the eyes of the Trenchtown people, I give thanks to everyone that joined me in creating these visuals.

Akeem explains, “I am a ghetto youth. Garrison a mi real name yuh zeet – I do music to inspire the people around me – I represent my people. My upcoming album is all about Trenchtown.” Akeem adds “We don’t have to feel ashamed, we as the youths have to carry on the legacy of this neighborhood and rise, again, together.”

Akeem just finished recording his upcoming TrenchTown Original album. A deep roots reggae music project powered by the talented drummer and percussionist Freddy ‘steady’ Poncin, for Mutima Productions. Based in Amsterdam, he and Akeem blend together an original rootsful sound accompanied by Akeem’s voice, that carries you through every emotion expressed in his music and lyrics.

Life Set Away (Remix)

IRIE™ | Akeem Garrison - Life Set Away (Remix)

Release Date: May 1, 2019
Label: 1067177 Records DK
Copyright: 2019 1067177 Records DK
Total Length: 4:51
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Early this year Akeem released the first two singles out of the TrenchTown Original project: ‘Life Set Away’ and ‘Run From’. “It has been a blessing. I am grateful that through music I have had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam to create and record my album. I am looking forward to the new upcoming single releases.”

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