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IRIE™ Magazine | RELEASES - Monkey Marc - Rebel Code featuring Turbulence, BLVK H3RO, and Yeza

Monkey Marc

Rebel Code

IRIE’s November edition of RELEASES is here featuring Monkey Marc and ‘Rebel Code’, the first single from his ‘Vital Sound’ album featuring Turbulence + Blvk H3ro + Yeza, along with trax from Pali, Var Hillsman, Manaky, Tony Nephtali, Lutan Fyah + Samora, Tony Curtis (Josh Harris), Xana Romeo and Dub Inc.

November 2020 – IRIE Releases

IRIE™ | Monkey Marc - Rebel Code featuring Turbulence, BLVK H3RO & Yeza

Featured: Monkey Marc ft Turbulence + BLVK H3RO + Yeza
Total Length: 39.41
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Playlist
Genre: Reggae

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