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Jay Thomas

One More Time (Beautiful Love)

IRIE’s September 2021 edition of RELEASES is here featuring Jay Thomas and his newest release, ‘One More Time (Beautiful Love)’ along with IRIE Trax from Chiney Kiki + Evie Pukupoo, Zoe Mazah, Christos DC + Nick Sefakis + the Skankin Monks, Sgt. Remo + Ranking Joe, iHiva, Cezar + Jerry Wonda, Junior Culture, Dami D + Brilli Wilburn, Queen Omega + Stonebwoy, David Cairol + Rik Jam, Jus Wright, and Robina Souilljee + Asher E.

IRIE™ | Jay Thomas - Realize Riddim

Jay Thomas
One More Time (Beautiful Love)

Release Date: August 26, 2021


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IRIE™ | Jay Thomas - One More Time

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