REGGAEVERSE | STONEFRENGE - Populate the Planet 1

It’s ‘I’fficial! Today, ZOOLOOK and IRIE announced that STONEFRENGE featuring the Cavedudez and Cavebettiez will be the first NFT digital collection to drop to bring ZOOLOOK’s beloved entertainment brands and characters to the metaverse.

ZOOLOOK is also inviting fans and newcomers to the series to become an official member with the opportunity to be transformed into a STONEFRENGE citizen with their very own custom avatar. ZOOLOOK will create an avatar in your likeness for your existence on the goldilocks planet, STONEFRENGE. Plus, you can sign up for NFT collaboration opportunities with your custom avatar.

STONEFRENGE members will receive access to exclusive perks, events, and expanding content available to the NFTs digitally and in real life.

Rockers FC NFT Drop

On August 6, 2022, ZOOLOOK and IRIE will kick off the Primal League season with the official Rockers FC NFT drop, which coincides with the start of the 2022/23 Premier League season. Established in 2007, the Rockers FC is a coed football club from STONEFRENGE.

Fans can access STONEFRENGE digital collectibles available on July 10, 2022, through, the official website, to access ZOOLOOK’s iconic IP in the form of NFTs.

Official Website