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RELEASES | Samora - Chameleon 1

IRIE’s June 2022 edition of RELEASES is here, featuring Samora and her latest album, Chameleon. Samora’s second album, ‘Chameleon’, stands for stylistic versatility and colorful variety. Her musical work represents a bouquet of the most diverse expressions of Afro-Caribbean-Jamaican influences. Her music is rooted in Afro-Caribbean rhythms, modern Dancehall, and, of course, Reggae. She skillfully combines this concentrated load of tropical sounds with R’n’B and Pop elements, creating her very own style in which she can live out her love for music and versatility.

Born in Suriname, Samora brings South American Caribbean influences and a fresh, powerful and energetic take on modern Antillian vibes. The charming, self-confident young Dutch singer now lives in Switzerland, where she mainly works together with the producer team Kiro MusicMaker and Res Staudenmann. However, she has also collaborated with other international producers and artists, which gives this masterpiece, an extra boost of freshness and versatility. Captivating.

RELEASES | Samora - Chameleon 10

Cover Art

Pasquale Herren

Cover photo

Snipeshot Photography

Chameleon Track Listing:

1. Pon Di Front Road (Independent)
2. Let Them Go (feat. Jah Mason)
3. Tears
4. Precious
5. Never Thought
6. My Way (feat. Dr. Ring Ding)
7. All The Way (feat. Anthony B)
8. Rise
9. Too Bad
10. Please Be Mine (feat. Turbulence)
11. Take It Easy
12. Reggae I’m In Love
13. Is There Any Left


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