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IRIE. What is your relationship with Nyabinghi and Prof I?

Tuff Like Iron: Nyabinghi is the one two, the heartbeat. Death to Black and white downpressors, ini support that to the fullest. Prof I is ini iritical teacher, and father to so many in the community, as well as his own children; I believe he has 15. Prof eats only live food and chants Nyabinghi, and often likeminded Rastafari ones gather there in the tabernacle and trample Rome. He teaches us that Nyabinghi was an Empress and his chant ring out against all men who try to hold back the woman. Prof I is one of the few man to stand up for the equality of the sisters and for that we will always love him. If I I-call correctly Prof I was the first person to put ini in the recording booth to sing background on his powerful Nyabinghi album. So yes, this elder has been an instrumental part of my growth as a young person, mother, and an artist. My children also love him!

IRIE. As a child you were not raised Rasta however as you grew older Rastafari became a major part of your life?

Tuff Like Iron: I was heavily influenced by Rastafari as a youth although it was not direct. It seems like it was genetic. My father was a Reggae drummer, both my parents used ganja, and my mother used to crochet. It’s only natural I always loved Bob Marley, Reggae music, Jamaica ever since I was very young. I remember my mother first telling me about H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I at about age 10 or 11. I felt like someone had turned on a lightbulb. By the time I was thirteen I wanted to grow my natty and by fifteen I had started giving up flesh on the path of vegetarian living.

IRIE. What are your feelings on the legalization of cannabis?

Tuff Like Iron: It’s time… Time to stop wasting the peoples money fighting a plant that was created by the Most High. How can these governments and lawmakers have more authority than the Creator who Created them and the plant? Yet still substances like alcohol and cigarettes which are scientifically proven to do much more harm than the cannabis remain legal. It is only a matter of time before things come full circle and the people will see that the teachings of the Rastaman will save the world.

Irie Magazine | Reggae | Tuff Like Iron

IRIE. Do you feel that hemp should be legalized for commercial and industrial use?

Tuff Like Iron: I believe it should be legal and free in all ways, for those who are suffering and need it medically or recreationally as well as for industrial uses. We are talking about a plant that has infinite uses that can change the world from energy to clothing to paper to medicinal products and it just goes on and on.

The only issue I have is I do not want to see small farmers and ganja supporters getting out shadowed by big industrial ganja corporations that may be seeking only to capitalize on our healing herb.

IRIE. What does the future hold for Tuff Like Iron?

Tuff Like Iron: The future is bright and abundant for ini. The movement is growing and taking on an undeniable momentum. The past year has been amazing and I will continue to push forward with this Tuffness! We just completed shooting two new videos in Jamaica. For ‘Almighty One’ we worked with NY based filmmaker, King Culcha, to bring you on a journey through the lush tropical beauty of the island of Jamaica. And for the ‘Tuff Like Iron’ video we worked with Kingston’s favorite Dub School coordinator Supa Nova and our invasion of Dub School featuring the Real Rockers Legend Kiddus I and the whole J.O.E. Family is going to be a sight to behold. Look out for more tunes, new merchandise, and the continued Tuff Takeover in the months to come…

The Recent time at Jah Ova Evil HQ was highly productive. Tuff Like Iron was well received at many of the popular Roots Sessions in Kingston with appearances at Vinyl Thursdays, Inner City Dub, Sankofa Sessions and Dub School. Also live performances at J.O.E. 4th annual Memorial Show with the Warrior Love Band, acoustic performance At a Womanbition, and most recently I was honored to perform at Mamayashi Collection Launch alongside the legendary Rory Stone Love and talented young artists Jah9 and Samory I.

IRIE. Do you have a message for the IRIE audience?

Tuff Like Iron: Whatever we need to do to reach where we want to be let’s make it happen and let’s support each other along the way. Irie!

IRIE. Much love and respect Tuff Like Iron! Irie Magazine Logo

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