REGGAE | Razaman – Intergalactic Rebel

IRIE - September 2023 Issue featuring Razaman


Intergalactic Rebel

Cosmic greetings from the center of creation, I & I Razaman! A starship sent I mon a telepathic message while flying through our dimension. The message… “Motivate them”.

Many are called, the chosen are few, and our story in reggae music blasted off after a spaceship hovered down to share infinity. Our tribal roots are Apache; my ancestral land is with the Rio Grande Peyote people and Aztlan. In the early 1990’s destiny took us to St. Croix Virgin Islands. The local rastas knew me as a “ghetto youf,” so they showed me the real island life, like the ancient energies of ganja and disciplines of Rastafari. After listening to Jamaica’s reggae music, I began researching our roots and culture. As I heard Jamaicans sing about Africa, I wanted a stronger connection to Mexico. We began encountering a modern-day King of Kings, Jah Rastafari Selassie, and the riches of Ethiopia: The Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the temples in Thailand, all cosmic and mostly hidden in our educational systems. It was icons like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Cesar Chavez that made us realize it is our destiny to stand up for our human rights.

One day, a friend from El Salvador, another friend from Mexico City, and I went on a mushroom journey like our ancestors always did, seeking wisdom. We spoke of times when our world was balanced compared to modern-day oppressive Babylonia. This conversation caught the attention of a bright red light in the sky. This light darted across the sky, covering miles at the speed of light, then stopped and descended before us as a timeless moment. DubTrash, a producer from Ireland, would help us make a tune called “Cosmic Contact,” and Bass Nymph, a DJ in Maui, would create the artwork about 20 years after this encounter. Our reality is nothing like it has been explained to us, so we make music your ancestral spirit guide knows is real.

Your destiny in this life can flash into your path as fast as an ice-cold bright blue comet! Maya calendars calculated my birth under a jaguar moon, born to be a shaman, and my great-grandmother could see it. Modern-day Babylonia tried to distract me, and then we met with the Lion Of Judah. Returning to your cultural roots has got to be the most pivotal moment in anyone’s life when you realize that your culture has natural riches and politics sometimes replace culture with control. Our culture in Mexico and many other continents discovered cosmology.

Conversations with all of the stars, planets, galaxies, and life; these studies are all written in hieroglyphics. We studied every science our ancestors gifted into our DNA. For the last three decades, we have written songs that take listeners on a voyage through time and space. This is the time, and this is the place—every song awakening your spirit guide. I love Reggae Music. I love Mother Earth. I love all of humanity! Our vocals began surfacing in roots, dub, and techno after we got a deal with Dub Salon Engineering for vocal packs that sell on Loop Masters. Our last vocal pack was the second best-selling pack with that company, and this cosmic vibe keeps going around the world like a reverb echo with tape delay. Production has kept us being heard by sound systems thanks to producers using these vocal packs with these cosmic messages. Artists from Australia, Japan, Mexico, and France all use Razaman Reggae vocal packs, and I thank them all! Live performances have taken us to places like Maui, Hawaii, Mexico City, London, Amsterdam, and 11 Burningman festivals, all good times and great memories!

Today, we thank Jah Rastafari Selassie for this stellar project with the multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK and IRIE magazine. I see ZOOLOOK as a star brother; we are both here to awaken humanity to a better world. We seek a world of peace and love atoned with a clean environment. Jah knows we are all here with our entire lives to make it as IRIE as it once was and shall always be.

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