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Nattali Rize & Kelissa

California Rizing

Photography By: Kat Hall, Lee Abel Photography, Steve Rosenfield

International reggae artist Nattali Rize recently completed ‘Mission One’ of California Rizing, their first headline tour of The Golden State. Rize and their dynamic live band was joined by Kelissa, a soulful female Jamaican songstress across all six dates in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and the world famous Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Boonville. Additionally, Santa Barbara was treated to a special lineup of female acts including acclaimed female Jamaican roots-reggae powerhouse Jah9, along with DJ Shacia Payne (daughter of Stephen Marley; granddaughter of the late great, Bob Marley), who also shared her compelling selections at the show in Los Angeles.

Paving their own way through a space normally saturated by men, these women are putting the control back into their own hands by creating a space for their voices to be heard, and their messages to be shared. From experiencing the show, it is clear that their intent is really to inspire more balance on and off the stage, a reality that is more encompassing for all to thrive and rise. By joining forces, their collective mission is amplified, bringing to life the concept of ‘Unity is Power’.

This conscious alliance peaked in Santa Barbara with Jah9 & DJ Shacia Payne joining the bill to create one of the most powerful and potent frequency shifts of the tour. Bringing unwavering realness, fierce yet gentle, inspiring and inclusive sounds and vibrations to a very blessed crowd who at all times felt like they were a part of an important moment, a historic connection and the beginning of something special.

When women like this tour together, the process is different and new ways of operating are revealed. The supportive and communal nature of the experience is delivered differently. There’s a purpose and sense of inclusion, no competition. This is reflective of a vision they share for how society can be a more communal space with less hierarchy, commercial mindset and corporate dominance in our thinking and more conscious thought and intention.

“When the women of the world unite, we will know & experience the feeling and meaning of limitless love, of unity over ego and a strength that stretches beyond borders into the hearts and conscious minds of our rizing comeunity worldwide. We’re leading by example, not just speaking but actively creating new pathways for living, connecting, loving and being, into existence. We take on this Mission through our Music and Words whole heartedly, willfully accepting the fact that younger generations of both girls and boys are watching and learning from the example that we as a global family set.”


“It’s so important that we actively re-define our reality rather than waiting for change to manifest. We know that this approach has the ability to create a ripple effect because we overstand that we each have the individual power to influence mass change and create shifts, especially when we join forces for the same mission. It is a refreshing feeling being a part of such a powerful and purposeful move, and the way that the music and messages have been received shows us that people are ready for transformation.”


They’re here to shift the energy and bring about balance, and it works. You hear it and feel it from the crowd, the responses and reactions are different. Support for this feeling and movement is coming in from all directions. Male artists such as Chronixx, Keznamdi, John Butler, Nahko and Trevor Hall publicly showed support by sharing imagery of the Tour and the mission through their networks. In addition, the whole tour was presented by Reggae Rise Up showing that they and others are ready for this new shift.

As Nattali put it, “the awakening is coming and they’ll never stop it.” Well, the awakening is here and now. Get involved!

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The Interview

IRIE. You just completed your California Rizing Tour: Mission 1 which began in Los Angeles at the Sol Venue, followed by a performance at the 25th edition of Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and ending with a date at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, CA. What were some of the highlights from your first US headlining tour in California?

Nattali Rize. The whole tour was a highlight for me. The opportunity to connect and share with our west coast massive was important and exciting for us. To have another conscious artist, Kelissa, on the road with us as well was intentional and powerful and also made the whole tour feel potent and more than just another run of shows. It has been uplifting and inspiring to share and witness the people’s response to a tour and an ongoing Mission like this. Bringing balance & conscious art forward and out there with purpose & bigger vision.

Kelissa. The whole tour was a great experience. I feel blessed to be able to share this platform with such a talented musician, and pure soul.

Each night was unique but one of my favorite nights was when we performed in Santa Barbara alongside Jah9 and Shacia Payne. It was a really magical night that represented the unity and upliftment of women. Having them as part of the show amplified an already special experience.

IRIE. You were joined by Jamaica songstress Kelissa on this California tour. How did the two of you connect to make this happen?

Nattali Rize. Kelissa and I have been connecting frequently over the past few years… the main element is that when you find people who resonate on the same frequency as you, and you feel a potential to create both on stage and in the studio, it is a natural progression that we would take this resonance on tour to amplify the intentions we have through music, live & direct and to also amplify & express the Visions we have been inspired to share with our greater global family.

Kelissa. Kelissa. We have always reasoned about joining efforts to create and share our art and message. I believe it’s a dream that we all share as young musicians. Nattali had her impending solo tour coming up and approached me about joining her on the tour. The timing aligned perfectly, and everything manifested very natural and seamless.

IRIE. We hear that you’re also working on a song together? Can you share?

Nattali Rize. We have some exciting frequencies in the works yes. Keep an ear out for them in the coming few months!

Kelissa. Yes! Excited that we have more upcoming works together. The song actually manifested long before we toured together. I believe it planted the seed for the road work!! We look forward to sharing it with the masses in the near future.

IRIE. Can you share with us what the vibe is like being on stage performing together?

Nattali Rize. Electric!!

Kelissa. It’s always a joy sharing the stage with musical brothers and sisters. It creates an important connection, similar to players on a football team. Teamwork make the dream work. Achieving goals is easier when we work and play together.

IRIE. Do you feel that the tide is changing when it comes to opportunities and equal acceptance for women in reggae music?

Nattali Rize. The tide is changing because we are changing it ourselves. Because we are putting our energy & hours upon hours of work to deliver tours like this, putting to action our thoughts and words.. to be the example for all generations including current ones & our little sistars who will one day be the big reggae artists on the scene! We are not doing it alone, we are with our Brothers every step of the way and they are with us.

The Nattali RIZE band are a force to be reckoned with, Sparrow, Yellow, Spyda & One Rebel… all soldiers on the Mission .. side by side we step forward together to bring our Frequency Shift towards Unity & Balance. #RizeTogether

Kelissa. I feel like the change always begins within. Change will only happen if we want it, and actively work towards it. As people we have been conditioned to wait on institutions to grant us change, and have been made to believe that we are each others competition.

We have seen shifts happen mainly because we choose to unlearn the programming, and understand that small ripples can grow to encompass more than we can even conceive. So, yes.. the tide is changing.. we are like the moon, and can create a gravitational pull to influence any tide. If you think you can, or you can’t, either way you are right!

IRIE. What advice would you give someone looking to use their voice and platform to address social issues and call for change?

Nattali Rize. Work hard. Keep going. Goals will grow and evolve, people will come into the journey when they are needed. Stay true to Yourself, know Yourself, and let the Universe guide your inspiration and actions toward openly sharing, singing & speaking what needs to be shared.

Free your mind from the competitiveness of all industry and freely give your gifts to those who u share this time & space with on Earth, while supporting all those around who are also on the Journey. Strength & Blessings xoxoxo

Nattali Rize..

Kelissa. Stay true to the mission. It’s easy to get sidetracked or distracted, and even caught up with individual aspirations (which is still also very important for the collective vision). Find a way to stay grounded in that truth so that you can always act from a place of sincerity. Make time to nurture and recharge yourself so that you can be of best service to the cause you believe in.

IRIE. Give thanks Nattali Rize & Kelissa! We eagerly await Mission 2!