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Mato Seco

Like A Lion

Mato Seco was formed in the mid 2002 in the city of São Caetano do Sul, great ABC Paulista. Armed with a vision to spread the philosophy of good and justice, they started out writing lyrics with strong social and political themes. They always preached with their reggae music, singing with truth and a liberating feeling that peace is the only way to combat all evil.

Brought together as childhood friends, they knew nothing about music theory. Their intentions were to make the purest reggae possible. Self-taught with their respective instruments, they started the process of evolution/revolution 12 years ago, blessed with some of the greatest gifts given by God; resistance, strength and purification; symbols and slogans that guide this band.

Today, Mato Seco is considered one of the greatest voice of the Jamaican rhythm in Brazil. They act as great warriors on stage, fighting for their people, urging them to be aware that the truth will always prevails and that better days will come, renewing the faith and hope in the hearts of those who do good.

Mato Seco members include: Rodrigo Piccolo (vocals and guitar), Tiago Rezende (drums), João Paz (organ and piano), Junior Ciziniauskas (bass), Eric Oliveira (guitar), Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves (backing vocals and percussion) and Mauro Peres Junior (backing vocals and percussion). Mato Seco has released three albums to date, all with great appreciation from reggae fans and music lovers.


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Words become Action

Anxious to do good and not content on just spreading messages of peace, love and resistance in their music, Mato Seco puts in practice much of what they sing in their songs, demonstrating that besides music, they also has social responsibility running in his veins. In 2013, the band performed an event to raise funds and purchase an electric wheelchair for a friend. The event occurred in Santo André, São Paulo ABC. That same year, they participated in a show held in a hurry to collect donations for victims of a major fire on the island slum, one of the largest communities of São Paulo located in Heliopolis. Nearly 860 people lost their home.

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Seco e Ainda Vivo

Mato Seco’s most recent album, ‘Seco e Ainda Vivo’, was produced in 2013 by Jamaican producer, Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt, who is also the Jamaican bass guitar player who was a member of The Morwells and the Roots Radics and played on hundreds of Jamaican albums.

The album, which translated in english means, ‘Dry and yet live’, featured collaborations with artists including Max Romeo (Jamaica) in ‘Like a Lion,’ Harrison Stafford and Marcus Urani of Groundation (United States) in ‘Ghetto of the World’, the great master of the accordion, Oswaldinho, in ‘Little Flour’, and the Paulista band, Nazarite Cave, bringing the cry and the praise of Nyabinghi drums in ‘A New Place’.

Marley Experience

In May 2014, Mato Seco presented the ‘Marley Experience,’ a special tribute to Bob Marley & The Wailers recorded by the band in high quality sound and HD video and released worldwide with unrestricted access on Youtube.

The ‘Marley Experience’ is a music video collection of 16 songs from various works of Bob Marley & The Wailers. Some track examples include ‘One Love’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Natural Mystic’ (an IRIE Mag favorite) and a bonus track, ‘Redemption Song’, which was chosen by their fans through a special voting promotion on their Facebook fan page. Mato Seco’s performance was brilliant in their retelling of the greatest classics of Bob Marley & the Wailers.

In order to play back the songs with the highest maximum fidelity sound, the band counted on the special participation of André Silva (ZR) on the keyboards (member of Nazireu Rupestre band), Tales “Lion Farmer”, playing the guitar (Leões de Israel’s band member) and Talita Cabral and Srta. Paola, singing the backup vocals.

The recording of the ‘Marley Experience’ was made possible by the film and art direction duo DOM, composed by the directors Gabriel Cupaiolo and Levi Vatavuk.

Irie Magazine caught up with Mato Seco for this exclusive interview!

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