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Khalilah Rose

Roots Reggae

Listen to her and it will soon become clear to you that Khalilah Rose is indeed Reggae’s songbird! Khalilah’s music comes from elements close to her heart, her love for her country, her people, her family. Her spirituality is evident in her music, her love for Jah a constant force behind her lyrics. Khalilah’s musical journey began at the age of 12 singing for her family and friends. Against all odds, she went on to receive a masters degree in Education in the United States, working for a time as a special ed teacher but later returning to Jamaica to follow her true calling, rasta music.

Khalilah has worked with notable producers including House of Riddim, Carl James, Bobby Digital, Phillip Smart, Fifth Element Records and has performed with artists like Capelton, Luciano, Gyptian, India Irie, Etana, Yami Bolo and others. In 2012 she won Best New Female Reggae Artiste and, again in 2013 Roots Reggae Artiste at the Linkage Awards held in New York. Her debut album, released in 2012, Zion’s Lullaby was very well received. Her works include such powerful songs as ‘Weep Not’, ‘Zion’s Lullaby’, ‘Hail H.I.M’, ‘Your Eyes’, ‘No Gunz’ and ‘Lalibela’.

Although she is based in New York and Jamaica, Khalilah’s music has a global following. Her decision to perform free concerts in Africa, as well as Jamaica shows her commitment to her craft and to those who love her music. She has toured in the UK, France and Holland, as well as in South Africa. Her music has enjoyed a huge buzz in several other countries like Argentina where her song Unite And Be Strong, featuring fire-brand Rastafarian deejay Turbulence, sat in the number-one spot of the Black Music Reggae charts.

Her first visit to Nigeria was at a peace concert organized by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, where she sang her debut single ‘No Gunz’ which, for many in the audience was the heart and soul of the message. Her powerful performances left concert goers and the press with no doubt of her passion and commitment.

Her music reflects her vibrant personality and commands respect for strong women striving for equality in a male dominated world. This statement sums up Khalilah Rose perfectly:

“She is a living example of practice what you preach.”

Khalilah Rose and the movement of RASTAFARI!!! from Bull Bay to the world!

Irie Magazine caught up with Khalilah Rose for this exclusive interview!

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