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One Shot Deal

Meet Earth Beat Movement… an Italian band formed in Tuscany in 2012. Since then, they have shown a passion and talent for creating reggae rhythms as well as hip-hop beats which are especially apparent in their earlier productions. The band is made up of five musicians, including lead singer Irene MisTilla Bisori, and has collaborated with several well known Italian reggae artists.

In 2013 the band produced their first EP, EBM, containing eight tracks. EBM won them the award for ‘Best Tuscan Band’ at the Italian Wave Festival. In November of the same year, they issued a new single and video, No Diggity, whose success led them to cement their collaboration with producer Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli. The following year they released two singles, Devi Dire Sì and Get A Sense, which signposted their first album: Right Road, a twelve-track collection with songs in both English and Italian, blending different sounds, from classic reggae to dub and hip-hop to dancehall.

In 2015, after a lineup change, they issued two more singles entitled Selfie and You’ve Got The Fire, ahead of their new album, 70 BPM, released in January 2016. This work dropped the earlier hip-hop sounds in favor of classic reggae beats.

During their 2016 ‘70 BPM Tour’, which saw them open an Alborosie concert and to move abroad to play in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovenia, they released Tell The People and at the beginning of 2017, City Light. Both singles accompanied by video clips signposted their third album: Be Stronger, bearing a European reggae sound combined with dubstep and dancehall without neglecting roots rhythms.

2018 started with the single Change, which views change as an opportunity and, fittingly, presented a new Earth Beat Movement lineup. Band founders Irene MisTilla Bisori (vocals) and Stefano Ciancitto (drums) are joined by Marco Pidduck Fabbian on vocals and guitar, Alberto Bebo Pretto on bass and Samuele RastaSam Zanoni on keyboards.

In November 2019, the band embarked on a tour in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, together with the Tuscan reggae singer Chisco. This trip saw them perform at the Italian Cultural Institute and in various clubs in the city. From this spiritual and musical journey the song Addis was born, capturing their incredible experience lived in the ‘Promised Land’. In March 2020, they release a new single, ‘One Shot Deal’, a reggae-trap song, combining reggae’s upbeat rhythm a more modern trap flavor.

Earth Beat Movement – One Shot Deal

IRIE™ | Earth Beat Movement - One Shot Deal

Release Date: March 6, 2020
Label: Pirames International Srl
Copyright: 2020 Irene Bisori under license to Pirames International Srl
Total Length: 3:34
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Earth Beat Movement Interview

IRIE. Take us back to 2012 in Tuscany. How did you all come together to form Earth Beat Movement?

Earth Beat Movement. The Earth Beat Movement project was an idea of Stefano Ciancitto, the drummer, and myself, Irene Bisori, singer. Initially, we had another project, ‘ZOOPARK’, a reggae-funk band. When this came to an end, we decided to form another band which would help us best express our art.

We needed a new musical stimulation and that’s why the Earth Beat Movement was born.

The band is now composed by: Irene ‘Mistilla’ Bisori at the voice, Stefano ‘Ciancio’ Ciancitto at the drums, Marco ‘Pidduck’ Fabbian at the voice and guitar, Alberto ‘Bebo’ Pretto at the bass guitar, Samuele ‘Rastasam’ Zanoni at the keyboards and Stefano ‘Cume’ Cumerlato, Sound Engineer.

IRIE. Is there a special meaning behind the name ‘Earth Beat Movement’?

Earth Beat Movement. The band’s name represents the ‘heartbeat’ of the planet, that beat which puts us all on the same level. It means contamination, opening up, accepting, not only under a musical point of view but as a lifestyle too. We’re all part of a wonderful big family called ‘Earth’ and each one of us, with their actions, can make it a better place.

IRIE. Can you share with us how each of you were first introduced to reggae?

Mistilla (voice). I first listened to reggae when I was 11. My mum gave me a CD, a collection of Bob Marley’s top tunes. Since then, I haven’t been able to live without it. The type of sound and the messages expressed were everything I needed music to be: strength, passion, love, criticality, and rage.

Stefano ‘Ciancio’ (drums). The love for reggae music sparked thanks to a book, Timothy White “Bob Marley: Una vita di Fuoco”. From that book, my passion for this musical genre started and still holds an important part in my life.

Pidduck (voice and guitar). I started off listening to some of my dad’s old blues cassettes when I was 14 and one day, I found this old double cassette of some alternative studio cuts of some big Trojan tunes. I can remember exactly as it was yesterday the sensation I got from that first drum fill on… goosebumps! I started listening to some reggae and soon after I wouldn’t have anything else on in my headphones and stereo!

Samuele RastaSam (keyboards). When I was 16 I first listened to some Bob Marley CDs. From that moment on, my love for Reggae started. However, what really made Reggae special for me was my first ‘Reggae National Tickets’ concert, Alborosie’s original band.

Stefano ‘Cume’ (sound engineer). Well, I got closer to reggae thanks to Massive Attack. When I first listened to Horace Andy’s voice on one of their feat songs I was blown away! So then I started looking for other of his productions and began to discover Reggae. What finally gave me that final kick was my first Sunsplash, 2004. What a festival! I actually went to see Cypress Hill but their show was canceled due to bad weather conditions. However, the love for Reggae started burning.

IRIE. Who are some of your musical influences?

Mistilla. My reggae influences are Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sizzla, Capleton, Lady Saw and many others. In general, I love all black music, some of my other influences are Erykah Badu, Billie Holiday, Fugees, Lauryn Hill.

Pidduck. Irene’s already said some of the big names, but some names I’d like to add are: Midnight, Black Uhuru, Sly n Robbie, King Tubby, Mad Professor… there are so many!

IRIE. This question is for MisTilla. In the past, you have collaborated with other well known Italian Reggae artists. As the lead vocals for EBM, you pack a powerful punch with your voice. We LOVE it! What fuels your emotions as you perform? We truly feel it in your songs!

Mistilla. Mmmm, not an easy question… in the sense that I don’t really know what fuels my voice and energy. In my everyday life, I’m quite a shy person, but when I get on stage I somehow transform, I’m able to free myself all my worries, totally free without limits. I think this is the main reason.. to not have or feel fear.

IRIE. As a band, you released your first EP, ‘EBM’, in 2013., a five track release, in 2001. What was going through your minds as you prepared to embark on your musical journey?

Earth Beat Movement. We wanted to pour out our art and give voice to our emotions. This band has given us the chance to express ourselves and it’s been a great source of satisfaction. A personal payback for the everyday obstacles we face every day.

IRIE. Can you share with us your song writing process? Is everyone involved in the creative process or do certain band members take on specific roles?

Earth Beat Movement. We have 2 different ways of writing… Our producer Ciro ‘PrinceVibe’ might send us an idea of a beat to listen to, on which Me and Pidduck will then write some vocal lines. It depends a bit on what ‘mood’ the beat transmits and on what we’re feeling and facing in that moment.

Other times from an idea of a tune from a guitar and a vocal stem we then develop the idea with the other members of the band. From there we then finally develop the tune and the final arrangements with Ciro, our producer.

IRIE. Where do you get your inspiration for your songs? Is it important that each song has an important meaning behind it?

Mistilla. The inspiration comes from events that happen around me, emotions and stories of everyday life. Each song has a ‘real’ background, usually lived in 1st person. I’ll never be able to write lyrics about something which doesn’t belong to me, or about something that I’ve heard about or something that’s trendy at the time. I believe that Music has a fundamental role, sharing a message, and this is what we try to do.

Pidduck. In my case it’s mostly experiences and internal reflections which give me my inspiration. I’ll always remember a chat I had with bredren El Indio who told me, “memba Pidduck, Reggae music is rebel music, you haffi resist!”. And that’s what I try to live up to, getting real messages out there.

IRIE. On March 6, 2020, you release the single ‘One Shot Deal’ along with an IRIE music video. Can you share with us the message behind this powerful track?

Earth Beat Movement. Our new single talks about the tragedy of human trafficking, seen and narrated from 2 different points of view. The first is the smuggler’s point of view, which seems to be offering a ‘chance’ to escape from a situation of misery, the other is from the smuggled’s point of view, who is called to choose between surviving and dying.

The song intends to strongly criticize those feelings of indifference and hate around this topic, which seem to be getting stronger and stronger everyday.

‘One Shot Deal’, and it’s message, want to sensitize the listeners on the topic of immigration, especially on the type of compromise that this kind of journey takes.

The only question present in the song is “Who’s the next, mate?”, an emblem of imminent adversity.

We never have to forget that what seems far is actually much closer that you think and that it could happen to anyone.

IRIE. What do you hope your fans and first-time listeners take with them after listening to EBM?

Earth Beat Movement. Well, we hope they’ll be ‘hit’ by our vibes and messages, and hopefully get them to reflect on the topics we chant about and maybe find them selves characters in our stories.

The music we love makes us partecipate in 1st person, it makes us feel part of it… and that’s exactly what we hope our listeners get from it too. Being part of the band itself!

IRIE. If you could make one positive social change in the world right now, what would that be?

Earth Beat Movement. Empathy. Being more emphatic with one another. Not just thinking about our own little “backyard” but going beyond, you know. Accepting one another and dividing one another. “You’re once a beating heart and a single heartbeat in the body called humanity”.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to share with our audience?

Earth Beat Movement. So, we’d like to first of all thank you Irie Magazine for giving us the chance to tell the people our own likkle story! Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, on our Youtube channel and on our official website to keep in contact!

In this difficult time we need to unite (with the right precautions) and stay strong more than ever, no division. One Love from Italy, people!

IRIE. Maaad Love & Respect, Earth Beat Movement!

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