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Cali P

Healing of the Nation

Ever so often, an artist comes around who is destined for greatness — Reggae sensation, Cali P, is one such artist.

Possessing an interesting heritage which sees him being the son of an European mother from Switzerland and a Rastafarian father from the Caribbean island Guadeloupe (Gwada), Cali P grew up with the African culture, spirituality and tradition which has been intrinsic to the overall moulding of his mind and his music.

A dedicated and inspired artist, Cali P that lives in Kingston Jamaica readily acknowledges the powerful and all-empowering force of music on his entire being. Guided by his musician father, whose influence runs deep, Cali P, a versatile singer, rapper and song-writer, has been playing the drums from the age of three. With his devotion, coupled with his keen attention to rhythm and patterns, the youngster signaled to the world that he would have a bright future in music.

By the time he was 14, the teenager, who had been christened Pierre Nanon by his parents, was hailed as a talented writer and a singer who could easily traverse the genres of Reggae, Dancehall, Soul, Jazz, Rock and even a splash of Pop music. It was inevitable that with his creative ability and endless curiosity, Cali P would establish himself as a force to be reckoned with musically and he signaled this intent when he linked with the percussion group Akiyo.

In the year 2000, Cali P explored another genre when he kicked off his Dancehall career as MC of the Gideon Soldiers sound system. This was the beginning of a memorable journey in the life of Cali P, whose mission it is to fan the flames of the “lyrical fire”. Staying true to his Rastafarian roots and maintaining his deep humility and positive messages, he started appearing throughout the dancehalls of Switzerland, easily winning over the Swiss crowds with his confidence and vibrant energy. Soon after, Cali P was being called on to represent reggae music at gigs all over Europe and within the Caribbean. His wings started to spread and his works started to be realized.

Endowed with a winning combination of unmistakable vocal talent and thought-provoking lyrical content, Cali P, in February 2005 released his first single, Forward, on the Pow Pow label. This song garnered international attention, making way for Cali P to release more than 30 other songs on 7inch productions, mixtapes or compilations leading to his 2008 debut album Lyrical Faya or the soundtrack for the American Free Ski DVD (2007) called IDEA, which realized over 20,000 sales. 2010 was a big year for Cali P. In one hand you have the founding of his label Inspired Music Concepts wich relased the award winning Like A Lion – Original Movie Soundtrack for the Award winning Documentary movie about Freeskier Tanner Hall and on the other side moving to the Caribbean Island Jamaica with brethren and musical partner Phantom to continue establish Cali P’s career and they’re label Inspired Music Concepts Ltd. from Kingston to the World.

Cali P holds his audience captive whenever he takes the stage. It is fair to say that Cali P has represented Reggae throughout the world, appearing on shows in Africa, South America, the Caribbean and throughout Europe. He has performed at Summerjam, Rototom Sunsplash and Zénith (Paris) each with capacity of 40,000 people or more and represented at the 2008 ESPN Winter Games in Aspen, Colorado, USA.

Cali P feels that being raised in Switzerland and Guadeloupe, living the Rastafarian traditions and knowing his heart belongs to Africa has allowed him to bridge the gap musically between first and third world cultures. His lyrics and his undeniable passion paint a vivid picture of his many and varied experiences, some of which can be heard on his 2008 debut album, Lyrical Faya.

Cali P’s music has taken him far and wide. Now the artist has established himself in the land of Reggae, Jamaica, where he has been eagerly embraced by the people as he starts a new chapter in his ever evolving mission.

For Cali P, the journey continues as he keeps the musical fire blazing.