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Bigga Baggariddim

RIDDIM | Bigga Baggariddim 1

Following 2019’s critically acclaimed original album ‘For The Many,’ on 25th June, UB40 release Bigga Baggariddim, an incredible celebration of the genre they love, and a seminal reggae collaborations album.

Over 35 years after the original Baggariddim album, UB40 has reunited with artists who appeared on the 1985 album and collaborated with new, diverse reggae talent worldwide, who sing and deejay over cuts of the same rhythms. It was in cities like UB40’s hometown of Birmingham where people from different ethnic backgrounds first learned to live with one another, giving rise to multi-cultural Britain. It’s therefore natural for UB40 to collaborate with artists of differing nationalities, ages, and cultural backgrounds, as well as those sharing the same roots as themselves. The artists featured span four continents and seven decades of recording experience.

UB40 Bigga Baggariddim

IRIE™ | RIDDIM - UB40 - Bigga Baggariddim

Release Date: June 25, 2021
Label: SoNo Recording Group LLC / Evo Music Ltd
Copyright: 2021 SoNo Recording Group LLC / Evo Music Ltd
Total Length: 55:33
Total Tracks: 15
Format: Riddim (Album)
Genre: Reggae

RIDDIM | Bigga Baggariddim 1
RIDDIM | Bigga Baggariddim 1

The artists include House of Shem, Tippa Irie, Inner Circle, Pablo Rider, KIOKO, Gilly G, Slinger, Winston Francis, BLVK H3RO, Leno Banton (son of dancehall pioneer Burro Banton), and General Zooz (Reggae Rajahs).

Bigga Baggariddim is ardent proof that UB40 still has what it takes to keep the reggae fire burning! Bigga Baggariddim is IRIE approved!

RIDDIM | Bigga Baggariddim 1

Bigga Baggariddim Artists

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - House of Shem


IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - House of Shem

House of Shem

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Inner Circle

Inner Circle

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Winston Francis

Winston Francis

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Gilly G

Gilly G

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Slinger


IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Tippa Irie

Tippa Irie

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Pablo Rider

Pablo Rider

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Leno Banton

Leno Banton

IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - BLVK H3RO


IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - Kioko


IRIE | UB40 Bigga Baggariddim - General-Zooz

General Zooz

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IRIE™ | UB40 - Bigga Baggariddim

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