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Seasoned Roots artist Christos DC has been a staple in the conscious Reggae seen since the mid-2010s. Now, he’s back with another stunning release: small, perfectly formed, and carrying on the mantra of ‘honest music’ that this artist has lived by.

Matchbox EP, released via Christos’s label Honest Music, sees this accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer take the listener on a deep dive into thoughtful, intricate, and richly orchestrated Roots: The EP follows on from his incredible 2021 albums Crisis 2.0 and Crisis 2.0 in dub, and previous to that, his 2020 album Self Evident, which landed Christos a HOT 100 entry on US outlet IRIE’s 2020 Reggae playlist. Pauzeradio called Self Evident an “expansive, technically brilliant… effortless project”. With Matchbox EP, we see those organic creative processes flourish further. Across five tracks, Christos hones the Soul and Jazz-influenced style he has become known for – all while staying true to his Reggae roots.


In his words:

“While recording the album, I initially found myself isolating from external influences, including other musicians. I wanted to create a project by myself from scratch to express the questions and feelings I was experiencing.

This album was written during a period of transition and personal growth. It was like being an actor who wants the audience to really understand the character: to watch and listen to what I am sharing and feel it as well.

Matchbox EP was not about sharing perfection – but something much more.”Christos DC

Across the record, there’s a real focus on a rich and warm sound – evident in the overarching use of horns, organs, and a Rhodes piano. This hones in on Christos’s eclectic background as a Greek American whose parents were Opera singers and vocal coaches – as well as his love for the music of Jamaica. Some familiar names in the culture also come on board – including the expert bass playing of David “Jah David” Goldfine (Zion I Kings) and the mixing of Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred (I Grade Records and Zion I Kings).

“Matchbox EP is, predictably, small yet perfectly formed from the consummate artist Christos DC. An intricately crafted Smorgasbord of Roots and Soul tinged with Jazz influences sees him produce something that is gorgeous on the ears and thoughtful for the mind and spirit. Elegant, oozing class and infinitely listenable”. – Mr. Topple, Pauzeradio

Tracks like Pleasure and Pain take the listener on a voyage through soulful Roots, with its mellow yet striking horns. Friends sees the dulcet yet smouldering tones of Navissa Yasmin complement Christos’s perfectly – oozing pointed Jazz. Meanwhile, Headlight and the fourth EP track First Class Ticket feature use of smooth organs and Rhodes piano respectively – while Lies, which concludes Matchbox EP, is the perfect blend of brooding Roots and something more soulful.

Christos’s vocals throughout are sublime, and he has also formed a project which has strong, conscious lyrical messages woven throughout. All this makes Matchbox EP the perfect Roots-led release – and it’s sure to please his fans.

Honest Music commissioned Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally in the creative industry as ZOOLOOK, to produce the EP design.

Christos DC - Matchbox

Matchbox EP Artwork

Front Cover

Christos DC - Matchbox

Matchbox EP Artwork

Back Cover

Christos DC - Matchbox

Matchbox EP Artwork


Christos DC - Matchbox

Matchbox Artwork


The original artwork, created at ZOOLOOK’s San Francisco-based studio, features a vintage design and includes the official album with a complimentary matchbox design for promotional giveaways. In addition, the back of the matchbox contains a QR code for fans to download a complimentary track.