RADIO | Bassment Sessions Throwback (Rare Reggae Gems)

IRIE | RADIO | Bassment Sessions Throwback (Rare Reggae Gems)

Bassment Sessions Throwback (Rare Reggae Gems)

For this special episode, I sifted through hundreds of songs I felt fell into the “rare” category as most are unknown or ultra-rare 7” releases or as I call them, Rare Reggae Gems. Music is left behind in the dust of time but not forgotten.

Part of the fun in discovering these artists becomes, who were they and where’d they go? For many, these questions go unanswered which makes for an intriguing listen – the mystery of the many who came, recorded, and vanished.

Kick back, crank it up – this week’s show is now in session!


1. Black Jade ‎– I’ve Got To Get Back Home [1977] 2. Lacksley Castell – Be My Princess Lady [1980] 3. Pad Anthony – This Feeling [Late 70s, early 80s] 4. The Wailers & Johnny Lover – Sun is shining – Lee Perry [1971
5. The Classics – Civilization [1971] 6. Invaders – Heaven & Earth [1974 rare 7”] 7. KC White – Not The Man For You & Dub [1980] 8. The Officials – Babylonians [1974] 9. The Tellers – Back Back [1974] 10. Clinton Senior – Son Of Man [1977] 11. Alton Ellis – Son Of Man [1974] 12. Hux Brown – Drugs Man [early 70s] 13. Everton Dacres – Jah Jah A Come [1977] 14. Dean Beckford – Cramp Wickeds [late 70s] 15 Roy Lee “King Iwah The 1st” – Give Me Power [1971]


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The Bassment Sessions Radio Show began in 2013 on Toronto’s CIUT 89.5 FM Radio station. Over the years the show has evolved from music-centric to the latest incarnation which places an emphasis on telling a story. Bringing history, context and trivia about the artists and songs you hear on the show. Currently the Basement Sessions is heard on over 45 stations globally.

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