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Rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks and rock-steady hooks…

9 Mile Roots is a Suburban Roots Reggae band founded in 2009 and based out of the Baltimore / DC metro. Built behind a solid group of musicians with diverse backgrounds, their music delivers creative tunes that have a strong reggae vibe with a bouncy hip-hop flow and a bit of a rock edge.

Boasting a high energy sound and a dynamic stage show, 9 Mile Roots keeps the crowd on their toes with a commanding presence and booming melody hooks. Their full horn section compliments the typical rock band line-up; combining catchy melodies with strong riffs and a reggae-funk-overtone, consistently blending up well known aspects of the rock and reggae genres.

Their musical influences include Bob Marley, John Brown’s Body, Rebelution, Sublime, Tribal Seeds, Beer, Passafire, Stick Figure, Women, Slightly Stoopid, 311, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rancid, The Supervillians and Damien Marley… to name a few.

9 Mile Roots band members include Jay Randell – Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Percussion; Dave Muse – Drums; Josh Behun – Bass; Matt Huss – Guitar, Vocals; Ryan McDonough – Lead Guitar; Matt Foote – Bari Sax; Casey Masters – Trumpet; and Gabe Andino – Tenor Sax, Vocals.

We encourage you to head on over to www.9mileroots.com for tunes, merch, and further updates! Look for the official interview in an upcoming edition of IRIE Magazine!

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