Irie™ Magazine | Rock - Sisters of the Valley
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Rock

Rock | Weed Nuns

Weed Nuns On a Mission to heal with Cannabis The Sisters of the Valley, California’s self-ordained ‘weed nuns’, are on a mission to heal and empower women with their cannabis products. Based near the town of Merced in the Central Valley, which produces over half of the fruit, vegetables and nuts grown in the United […]

Irie™ Magazine | Reggae - Prezident Brown
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Reggae

Reggae | Prezident Brown

Prezident Brown Journeyman Pilgrimage Prezident Brown (Fitz Cotterell) was born in the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica. His mother called him ‘Junior Ranking’ because he would grab the microphone and chant at schoolyard and country dances. He was first known as Slim Brown because of his resemblance to and similar DJ style to his mentor, U […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Etana
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Etana

Etana Reggae music has birthed yet another rarity- a spirited and soulful singer/songwriter in the eloquent and enchanting empress Etana! In the early 2000s, singer Shauna McKenzie fully recognized the power of music and its widespread influence, especially upon the youth; that realization prompted a seismic shift in her career trajectory. Living in Florida at […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Italee
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Italee

Italee ITALEE is a musical powerhouse blessed with a soulful, electrifying voice that will send shivers rocketing through your spine. An icon in the making, this 5’ 10” Caribbean beauty possesses the unique ability to connect to her audience through the delivery and language of her songs. Her remarkable talent for writing and creating melodies […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Julian Simmons
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Julian Simmons

Julian Simmons Julian’s (ABW/SXM) musical history started with a search for self. At a young age he began to realize that there is a higher divine aspect of self. On that journey for self realization through the Rastafarian movement and culture he realized that he had a talent for music and singing and decided to […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Abby Dallas
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Abby Dallas

Abby Dallas With the title track ‘Gold Digger’ one might have a pre-conceived idea of the song’s subject, but as the soulful dancehall and reggae singing sensation Abby Dallas explains, “The song ‘Gold Digger’ is about strong women who are empowered and they can voice want they want.” Produced by renowned Lamar ‘riff raff’ Brown […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Patois Brothers
2017, May 2017 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Patois Brothers

Patois Brothers The Patois Brothers are a band from Venice (Italy) formed in 2010. Their name is a tribute to the Jamaican language and in the same way that Patois originates from many different languages, their music is inspired by combining the many different sounds of Reggae to create own original sound. The Patois Brothers […]