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Meet ZOE MAZAH… the Liberian/German reggae singer and songwriter Zoe Mazah is singing songs of big and small emotions and allows an in-depth view into her thoughts and soul. Lyrics to give hope and touch the heart. Fat beats and pumping basslines and the sweet skanks of reggae guitars seducing and inviting to daydream and let go of all troubles. The comfortable hand of an experienced songwriter Zoe Mazah mixes old-school roots reggae vibes with influences of soul and dub and her skills as a classically trained pianist. All this together leads to this very special ZOE Sound.

ZOE’s EP release, ‘On Repeat,’ caught the immediate attention of IRIE founder and mixed-media artist, ZOOLOOK. ‘On Repeat’ is a story about being foreign, farewells, and confessions. Zoe Mazah sings, talks, and performs about alienation and being human, aversion, grief, and of course, love. The EP starts with the theme of courage. The most extraordinary life journey – ‘Immigrant’ and ‘Paradise is calling’ are odes to displaced people and fugitives, an appeal for understanding. The duality of escape and refuge is at the heart of the pieces.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack – Chapter 1

IRIE™ | Zoe Mazah - On Repeat

Release Date: March 6, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Zoe Mazah
Total Tracks: 1
Time Length: 03:24
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

‘Whatever you’ and the eponym of the album ‘On Repeat’ are two love songs that describe the two sides of belonging that we find and seek in partners and family – the genuine desire for comfort and shelter. The topics farewell and rethinking conclude the EP: ‘Confession’ is a declaration of faith in the good and a promise to bring more happiness into the world.

‘In my eyes,’ a farewell song for a close friend, is a mix of older work and reflects the musician’s whole range: a letting go of fixed labels and moving towards the love of music in any form. Zoe continues to compose all songs by herself on the piano. She recorded this work specifically with a group of local musicians in Porto, Portugal, and considers it one of her most personal works to date.

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