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Redman | Cannabis in Hip-Hop Culture

Written by: Sylvie Barnett

Hip-hop and cannabis – undoubtedly the two most powerful movements to come out of the last four decades. Since the dawn of hip-hop culture in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the genre has been closely intertwined with the concept of ‘getting high’. Early rap collectives such as Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang glorifying cannabis starkly contrasted the impact of Ronald Regan’s ‘Just Say No’ era.

Redman rose to fame out of the streets of Newark, NJ A.K.A. Brick City during the golden era of hip-hop in the early 1990s. From day one, Reggie Noble has been a powerful early advocate of cannabis. He came of age when hip-hop culture was all about good vibes and self-expression. Redman carries these values with him to this very day. The renowned emcee seemingly draws on a relentless desire to simply do good in the world, and uplift all those around him. Throughout the last three decades, Redman has worked with some of the biggest musical names of all-time, ranging from Tupac Shakur to Christina Aguilera. In large part, the rapper’s iconic career signifies the impact of cannabis on popular culture.


Cannabis & Music | Cosmically Intertwined Pt. 1

Words by: B. Getz

Fifty-plus years ago, cannabis use was not yet a widespread phenomenon in American society. Among most musicians and their fans, however, it was nearly impossible to find a community where marijuana was not at the very least tolerated, if not celebrated. All four of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, members of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, the Mama’s & the Papa’s, and dozens of other artists flagrantly smoked pot, while fervently advocating for normalizing cannabis both in the press and during performances.

In the 1960s, marijuana evolved from secret spliff circles, hushed conversations, and darkened alleyways into a brazen symbol of the counterculture, revolutionary ideas come to life, and the proliferation of hippies and their movements. Ganja connected the artists of the time with their audiences, bridging the gap toward a better understanding of the sound art, as well as often the themes and meanings behind the lyrical musings. It’s essential to recognize that cannabis represented a sign of protest against societal norms, prohibition, draconian legislation, and the banalities of life as a square.


Geft Lifted | Words on Wellness – Tuning Up Your ECS

Words by: Certified Holistic Nutritionist – Path to Panacea

Every month we’ll offer wellness wisdom & insight from assorted professionals and experts. The intention is to provide our communities with information to help better understand and nurture the body, mind, and spirit. In service to personal health and nutrition, plus routines to work in concert with cannabis and/or music.

Imagine your body as an orchestra. When performing optimally, everything is in balance, making beautiful music. You can think of your endocannabinoid system (ECS) as it’s conductor, functioning in and across all physiological processes and organs, acting and reacting to internal and external stimuli to direct, correct, and manage your health in perfect harmony. It’s one of the most evolutionarily preserved biological systems known, a 600 million-year-old messenger and receptor system integral to homeostasis. It’s possible you’re familiar with this supreme system, but find yourself out of sync with the myriad ways of which to nourish it for exceptional performance. You’re not alone, as we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of its vital role in the human body.


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