Rock | Jah9 – Yoga, Spirituality & the Signs of the Time

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Interviewed by: Splash & Tami Tsansai; Words by: Tami Tsansai


Yoga, Spirituality & the Signs of the Time

As an artiste whose lyrics are often used for university lectures in sociology, religious/philosophical studies and economics, it’s no secret that the erudite Jah9 is widely known for her profound capacity to ‘edutain’ listeners; she inspires us to not only think freely, but also to seek… take the time to learn more about life and self. Her lyrics and ‘livity’ are inseparable, and so you’ll find lessons entwined in her songs that might make you dance and simultaneously meditate on things like your food choices, spiritual growth, propensity for consumerism and need for balance, among other things. Her music contains the right dose of heaviness and sweetness threaded together with droplets of knowledge on yoga and the breath, herbs, gratitude, a deeper reflection on all that is life and what is available to us when we are awakened to the opportunities that exist. We took the time to pick her mind and get into the soul of what colours and defines her music – her daily life. Read on as Jah9, in her own words, goes behind the music to reveal a bit of self, spirit and more.