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21st Century Roots

Honest Music is an up and coming independent record label specializing in roots reggae with a modern twist. The majority of the production is made in-house under the guise of Christos and Darryl “Trane” Burke. The label has released 8 albums and singles by some of the brightest names in reggae.

Initially, the label was established by Christos, as a means to release his own music. This led to the release of his first album “Under The Sun”, followed by “Long Road” that charted in the top ten on CMJ World charts. The follow-up album, “Long Road Versions”, was released with the intent of showcasing the instrumental tracks.

Next came Kenyatta Hill’s critically-acclaimed 2014 album Riddim of Life. Kenyatta is the son of the legendary frontman of Culture, Joseph Hill. This album is the best selling release at Honest Music to date.

In 2015, we released “In One Accord” by Puma Ptah from Thievery Corporation’s live band. This album was featured on the top banner at iTunes to worldwide commercial success. Christos reconnected with his longtime friend and mentor Don Carlos to release the next single “Righteous Chant”. This tune was revived from an unreleased project back in 1997.

In direct response to the escalating tensions caused by police brutality, Akae Beka (Vaughn Benjamin) teamed up with Kenyatta Hill and Puma Ptah in a fiery remake of the underground tune Police Man by Joseph Hill. A favorite of DJs and sound systems all over.

The Summer of 2016, Honest Music teamed up with producer Bebo Phillips to reproduced and release the “Kingston 16 Riddim”. This track was originally recorded in 1980 at Channel One Studios in Kingston, Jamaica and features Sly & Robbie’s Taxi Gang. This is album featured Lone Ranger, Perfect Giddimani, Mr. Fatty Boom Boom aka Carl Malcolm and Ras Attitude, whose song and video “Marijuana (We Ah Bun) has well over one million views at Youtube.

The latest releases are by Christos entitled Tessera and Tessera Dub, the lead single “Speak The Fire” featuring Zafayah and The Skankin Monks, reached number 18 on the Global Charts.

We have the utmost respect for those who have built the foundation and paved the way. Our main objective is to continue the legacy with quality roots reggae music. Honest Music.


2016 marked the 10th anniversary passing of Joseph Hill, lead singer/co-founder of the legendary Jamaican trio Culture. In his honor, his only son Kenyatta Hill, teamed up with Akae Beka and Puma Ptah, to remake the classic underground tune Police Man (Honest Music). The track is produced by Leslie “Black Seed” James Jr., Christos DC and Trane. Mixed and mastered by Laurent “Tippy-I” Alfred. Listeners will surely have to rewind the track to fully realize where Vaughn is taking them on this journey.

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