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The Science of Herb

Hardy aka Happy Aloha, is a native of Northern California. He founded Zen Care Collective in 2010 where he has been providing patients medicine throughout California, on a prescription based, monthly and quarterly program. He also founded Endocannabinoid Therapeutic Genetics 2010 (- Present). In 2016, Hardy embarked on a new venture, CORA Genetics International. An Herb pioneer, he has helped create and keep alive some of the strains many growers know of today. Irie Magazine had a chance to catch up with Hardy to talk about his knowledge or Science of Herb.

The Interview

IRIE. You recognized the value of CBD long before many others?

Hardy. Yes. I started breeding for CBD rich cannabis strains in 2009, dedicating the last five years breeding CBD rich strains with unique Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles.

IRIE. What are your goals with this venture?

Hardy. Pursuing the medical cannabis world while also pursuing recreational endeavors as the laws change.

Re-introducing forgotten strains that do not get you high, but the medicinal values are there.

Strains that have not been inbred so many times that there original unique cannabinoid profile is lost.

Keeping old school strains, refining inbred strains, while keeping the original genetic lineage in the genetic library. Breeding for smell, strength, weight, all very valuable attributes, but not allowing for creation and invention of new strains. This is in part due to the expense of R&D. This is not as profitable.

Due to market demand it’s become the same OG, SD Clones that are being grown differently by different growers which does not allow for new growth and invention.

IRIE. CORA is establishing new naming protocols for new strains, based on their Cannabinoid profile. Can you explain?

Hardy. Using science and new breeding technologies bring a medical definition and differentiates medical cannabis from recreational cannabis. Having watched the benefits of cannabis first hand, I have been learning, teaching, and breeding more each and everyday, faster than ever before.

CORA Genetics breeds all strains in a controlled greenhouse growing environment. We utilize only the SUN and LED solar powered lighting, in a state of the art, breeding facility. CORA Genetics is California licensed and Clean Green Certified.

We’re currently developing strains from Jamaica’s heritage, starting with Landrace Genetics from India that made there way to the Islands around the 1830s when emancipation was granted. We’re basically breeding old school Jamaican strains that were still viable. Inspired by the legend of CBD Ringo (SoHum Seed), we are pioneers in the breeding of CBD rich cannabis strains since in 2008.

These are strains that were obtained from Jamaica. At every Reggae On The River in Northern Ca, I would trade herb with somebody from the band’s Crew. The Itals, Burning Spear & Mighty Diamonds just to name a few.

IRIE. How do you know when you have the right strain, reminiscent of Yard, and what not?

Hardy. We will test over a dozen potential strains before being considered for a proprietary strain, burning through multiple Kilos.

We now DNA test all strains, allowing us to learn more about where the plant came from and how it was cultivated, protected, and respected, by all that touched her seed.

IRIE. Maaad Respect!