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2017 Cape Town International Jazz Festival Experience

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival isn’t your everyday celebration. Proudly dubbed as ‘Africa’s Grandest Gathering,’ Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the fourth largest jazz festival in the world and the largest jazz festival in Sub-Saharan Africa. Every year thousands of global citizens gather in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town, South Africa and enjoy the soothing traditional sounds of wind, brass, trumpets, drums and percussion blended with unique African roots and culture.

In 2017 Cape Town will host the 18th Annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival for two days, Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st. Panoramic views of the gorgeous Mother City, including breathtaking views of Table Mountain, are a few of many reasons over 37,000 music lovers travel to Cape Town for the two night event.

In perfect timing, Away to Africa, a destination management company focused solely on cultural tours to Africa, will host a group of sixteen travellers on an adventurous tour throughout Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, just in time for the festival.

Whether you are a veteran jazz music lover or a novice jazz listener, this year’s jazz festival is a musical affair that you do not want to miss. With five unique stages, (including the Rosies Stage which offers an intimate setting for artists and patrons) Cape Town International Jazz Festival will host a diverse group of over 40 musicians from all around the world including; Judith Sephuma, Ernie Smith, Siya Makuzeni, Darren English, Dope Saint Jude, Jonas Mosa Gwangwa, The Rudimentals and the Soweto Spring Quartet [South Africa]; Gretchen Parlato, En Vogue and Rudresh Mahanthappa Bird Calls [USA]; Manu Dibango and Moreira Chonguica [Cameroon/Mozambique]; Laura Mvula [UK]; Escalandrum [Argentina] and many other musicians set to be announced closer to the show.

A ‘Way’ to Africa | Experience The True Culture & Beauty of Africa

There are millions of international travelers visiting Africa each year to experience the true beauty and culture of Africa. In 2014, Africa’s Tourism sector saw a total of 1.133 billion African arrivals of which 65.3 million were international tourists. 1.133 billion African arrivals represents an increase of 4.3%, and stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations after Southeast Asia.

Even taking these statistics into consideration, there are still questions raised when booking travel to Africa. Where do you travel to? Who do you travel with? Will you be safe? Keeping these questions in mind, we proudly introduce Away to Africa to answer all of these questions and put your mind at ease.

Away to Africa, a pioneering destination management company, is committed to providing guided, cultural experiences throughout select countries in Africa. Away to Africa understands the concerns of travellers who have yet to visit the continent so Away to Africa offers personalized services for every step of the traveler’s journey, beginning from obtaining a visa and passport to providing an Away to Africa representative who travels on the road with the group 24/7 to ensure an unparalleled experience highlighting the ‘insiders’ route to discover the beauty, culture, people and natural spirit of Africa.

Away to Africa embraces three primary pillars of services, Leisure, Entertainment and Business and Away to Africa currently services four African countries, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. In 2017 Away to Africa will begin offering tours to Tanzania, Morocco, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Attorney and professor, Tiffanie Anderson, credits the creation of Away to Africa with her desire to display the true beauty, culture and amazing future of Africa through curated tours by African natives. Anderson figured if there was a company that assisted with every step of the booking and travel experience, travelers could focus on exploring the continent with purpose.

“Ten years ago I studied abroad at the University of Western Cape Law School in Cape Town, South Africa. This was my first experience of Africa. Prior to visiting Africa, I must admit that I had preconceived notions of the continent, as the media displayed Africa in a totally different light than what I saw with my own eyes. After sharing my passion and experience with my friends and seeing how my experience of Africa intrigued them, it led me to believe that I could follow my passion and spread the beauty of Africa through an organized format with Away to Africa. The name is pretty self-explanatory. It is for individuals who are ready to go to Africa, but do not know where to start, where to visit, how to obtain a visa and don’t know anyone on the ground. This is the company that will provide all of these things and more – A Way To Africa.”

The South African Itinerary | Choose Your Tour Package

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime getaway to start off 2017, look no further. Away to Africa’s handcrafted adventure & music based itinerary centered around Cape Town International Jazz Festival is a great way to introduce Africa to your palate.

In March 2017, travellers will have the opportunity to join Away to Africa for six days in Cape Town, eight days in Cape Town and Johannesburg or ten days in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
Relax, listen to our Away to Africa’s Mixtape [] and envision yourself in South Africa as you read through the preview of the itinerary.