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Jamaica Cosplay Club

We are Jamaica Cosplay Club and our love for cosplay, anime, comics, gaming, art, film and pop-culture knows no bound. We produced and organized anime, comic and gaming conventions (AnimeCom Fest™ and Cosplay Games Con™) along with other fan events such as Halloween Party (Hallow Palooza™). We have been doing so since 2017 when it first started as a ‘test run’ small, one-day event (100 attendees) held at Hope Gardens, Kingston Jamaica and is now growing into an amazing, entertainment and event production company (a new business structure and name of which is to be launched in the coming weeks) whose conventions have attracted (3000 attendees) both locally and internationally. AnimeCom Fest™ is perhaps the fastest-growing fan convention in the Caribbean and is proudly owned and operated by the fans for the fans and local creative community!

AnimeCom Fest™ popularly Anime Con Jamaica™ is an annual 2-day Japanese inspired anime and multi-genre entertainment and creative arts festival. The event seeks to inspire creativity in Jamaica through the Celebration of the Popular Arts. It is an animation, comic, gaming & e-sports, art, cosplay, film festival with panel discussions and lots of fun and engaging activities. AnimeCom™ was founded and currently chaired by Ricardo “Riic” Carter. AnimeCom Fest™ (ACF) 2020 is schedule for July 25-26 in Kingston Jamaica.

Ricardo Carter

Ricardo ‘Riic’ Carter is the Head of AnimeCom Fest also known as Anime Con Jamaica which means he’s commander of this spaceship and he’s responsible for charting its course throughout the universe of creative art and pop culture. Carter had some dream back in 2011 and after pursuing a certificate in Event Planning at the University of Technology Jamaica, he went on to make those dream become a reality.

He created the AnimeCom Fest brand way back in 2014 and launched it in 2018 after the 2017 ‘test run’ Cosplay Photoshoot & Meetup with the help of the amazing team he works with.

Carter heads the Jamaica Cosplay Club, that is a major fuel to the ship, and with his team help, the JaK’D dancers was formed; and Cosplay Games Con and Hallow Palooza were all created from scratch. Some would say he is a pretty righteous dude! He has spent the decade building the largest pop culture event and entertainment company (a new business structure and name of which is to be launched in the coming weeks) in the Caribbean and creating a unique work culture that’s focused on creators, fans, innovation, freedom, empowerment and self-expression.

Currently, when not cosplaying, Carter’s time is spent plotting the future of AnimeCom Fest and dreaming up new adventures for his team, the fans and the brands he serves. He prefers felt caps, has never gone outside of Jamaica, is a total food and liqueur connoisseur and he’s perhaps the biggest fan of all things art and popculture.

Carter is a Manchesterian by birth and that local pride still runs through his veins. At different points in his life he’s been an artist (still is lol), a chef, an account clerk and even an actor. When not up doing legal duty at the oldest Law firm in the Jamaica, he splits his time between the pages of ‘One-Punch Man’ manga, ‘Dread & Alive’ comic among other titles and basking in the sun and crystal clear waters of the Ochi Rios beaches with his amazingly cool girlfriend Shauna-Kay and an endless number of their geeky friends.

When he’s not doing those, Carter can usually be found watching an unhealthy amount of anime and film.