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Bambu Riddim

The Bambu Riddim, Oneness Records latest production derives from a collaboration with Indonesian Reggae Ambassador, Ras Muhamad, who co-produced the instrumental and delivers the title track, ‘Bambu Keras’ meaning ‘tough like bamboo’ in his Bahasa native language. Speaking densely of injustice, mental and spiritual liberation, the aforementioned title is also a play on words; resembling two words that are considered pretty offensive in Jamaica.

Lioness Order Riddim

IRIE™ | Oneness Records - Lioness Order Riddim

Release Date: June 19, 2020
Label: Oneness Records
Copyright: 2020 Oneness Records
Total Length: 37:01
Total Tracks: 9
Format: Album (Bambu Riddim)
Genre: Reggae

The song not only hails Muhamad’s upcoming album ‘Satryo’, but the riddim also found its way on Lutan Fyah’s ‘Touch the Road’ EP earlier this year. The song, ‘Gone Too Far’, accompanied by a highly artistic video, anticipated a lot of 2020’s crisis. Furthermore Luciano’s and Jesse Royal’s collaboration, ‘The Music’ marks the fourth and final single leading to Luciano’s long-awaited album. ‘The Answer’, due to release on July 24th, 2020. ‘The Music’ sees Luciano and Royal at the peak of their powers. It’s also a delicious cry of commitment to, and solidarity with, all conscious musicians out there. The two artists are vocalists who are made for each other, and whose eminently different styles work in perfect harmony across the Roots and Dub composition. Luciano’s smooth, soulful yet forthright performance juxtaposes sublimely with Royal’s call and response singjay and grittier yet rounded vocal. And the two make a plethora of important points about how, despite the system trying to shut conscious and message music down, there’s ‘nothing it can do’ to stop it.

Mark Wonder and Crosby contribute their strong Refugee tribute ‘Voyages Across The Sea’ to the project, also to be found on Wonder’s 2020 Album ‘Remz of the Dragon Slayer’. More versions by Tydal Kamau, Lyricson, and Elias Assefa from Ethiopia alongside D Julian complete this powerful Selection.

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