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Grand Finale December 9, 2017

The 2017 Stoned Gamer Tournament season started on 4/20 weekend and spanned sixteen qualifying tournaments held across California and Nevada. Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition was the game of the year, and gamers across the country were invited to smoke heroic amounts of cannabis, then competitively game for bountiful rewards. All gameplay was held on official Stoned Gamer arcades, and the top four of each qualifier moves on to the 2017 Grand Finale held December 9th in Los Angeles.

The 2017 #StonedGamer Grand Champion went to #ISupply420! See you in 2018!

About Stoned Gamer

Stoned Gamer is an emerging cannabis, e-sports, and video game league based in California. The league holds 14-qualifying tournament games each year that begin on April 20, and an annual championship game each December. The league will launch its brand new Stone Gamer Arena in Los Angeles, in April 2018. For more information, visit: