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Promises and Lies

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Where else can it be winter and you still break a sweat? How about Queensland, Australia. Paua kicked off two long days of shooting their brand new video for Promises & Lies at 7 am. Together with Benjamin from Luminare Media, Paua came up with a great concept, wanting to inject some home truths into 5 minutes of film. The apprehensive topic of Indigenous oppression is one that haunts many cultures across this planet.

Day One took place in the country with lights, camera, action… while Day Two saw a change of scenery with filming in the city aka Concrete Jungle, full of traffic, people, noise, pollution.

By the end of Day Two, it was clear, Paua felt they had achieved what they set out to do, and it was time to now leave Benjamin the Director and his amazing crew, to create the magic and final product.

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