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Overjam with Ziggi

Photography by: Piksi Work

What is OVERJAM Festival? It’s one of the top ten European reggae festivals! OVERJAM is an Irie getaway where anyone can come and join real reggae-dancehall-dub lovers from all over Europe and the World, to feel the positive vibes of the red gold and green! OVERJAM has two ‘festival-owned’ beaches for you to relax on. There’s even a section just for kids called ‘Overjam 4 Kidz’.

The goal of OVERJAM is to bring together all the reggae flavors and subcultures, from ska to jungle, from dub to dancehall.

At OVERJAM you can forget about all your worries and enjoy your best holiday ever!

One thing is for sure… every year, you can always find Ziggi aka Dubtafari Sound at OVERJAM!
IRIE presents OVERJAM with Ziggi!

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