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Tiffanie Malvo

By Janice Binns

Tiffanie Malvo is an international reggae artist bringing a different style and genre of dancehall. Tiffanie started singing, dancing and acting from the tender age of four, but it was not until age thirteen that she made the final decision to become a singer.

In 2005, Tiffanie joined the Ashe Performing Arts Company at the age of fifteen for acting, dancing and singing after nailing her audition. She spent a year with them until she moved to Canada. Tiffanie proved to be an exceptional artist by having her own individuality and identity separate from her father, Anthony Malvo, who is a reggae veteran and is known all over the world.

Tiffanie’s resume is quite extensive starting with her first song, a duet entitled, ‘Gimmie The Ganja’ featuring Anthony Malvo. Tiffanie’s hit single ‘Come inside’ quickly reached the number 1 spot on CHRY 105.5 FM, a local radio station in Canada as well as their international charts in June 2013.

Tiffanie also covered a classic reggae rhythm with ‘No More Love’ which received air play throughout the fall of 2012 in addition to her debut single entitled ‘Jus The Other Day’ which was in heavy rotation since April 2013. Tiffanie performed at Reggae sumfest summer 2014 which is one of the largest concert festivals in Jamaica since 1993.

In 2015, Tiffanie continued to expand her experience and career by doing her U.S tour and releasing her video for ‘Come inside’. She also has a hit new song, ‘Turn Me On,’ which can be purchased on iTunes and Google play. Tiffanie still remains grounded and humble even with this rapid growth. She stands behind letting her music and talent speak for itself rather than her beauty and physique. She is truly an inspiration to many females and being the triple threat that she is, you know she is the next ‘Star.’