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Tressan Michelle Barnett, known by the artistic name SumeRR, is a talented singer born in 1993 in Mandeville (Manchester, Jamaica) and living in Tenerife (Spain).

With a voice as catchy as her presence on stage and the freshness and boldness characteristic of Jamaican music, SumeRR is a versatile artist, able to move easily between different styles: roots, soul, dancehall, rap… without ever losing sight of her Jamaican roots. An artist who surprises with the agility, precision, and warmth of her voice and the strong, vibrant and charismatic spontaneity that captures any lover of good music.


IRIE™ | SumeRR - Black

Release Date: June 19, 2020
Label: ReStaudenmann / VPAL Music
Copyright: 2020 ReStaudenmann / VPAL Music
Total Length: 03:27
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

SumeRR writes, “My new single. ‘Black’, means a lot to me because I was able to sing about things that were very hard to say out loud. I am hoping that this song will inspire my people and remind them that they are not alone. Most importantly I hope people will try to understand why ‘Black lives matter’.”

‘Black’ was written on a riddim by Res Staudenmann. The original version of the beat however was written by Thomas Ola for Swiss singer Irina Mossi. Because this song was never released in this version, Res Staudenmann decided to develop the instrumental, to record and mix it, and to release a Riddim Selection called «Female Reggae Voices» on this instrumental. This compilation gives several female Reggae artists a possibility to come together on one album, to be heard and seen, to gain more recognition, and to reach a wider audience. «Female Reggae Voices» will feature female Reggae artists from several countries all over the world, including Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands… It’s possibly the first international all-female riddim selection and it will be released in summer 2020.

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