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‘Take One’

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Steady Social Club was founded in 2019 in Szczecin with an idea of creating the first full-blown Rocksteady album in Poland. The love for the Jamaican sound of the 60s drew this talented group of artists together to create this project around the music they were already doing for years.

The rhythm section originate from former and current members of the longest-running Polish ska band – ‘Vespa’ (Maciek Januchowski, Bartek Kościański, Artur Grochowski) while the vocals belong to Ania Teliczan (cooperating with The Bartenders, Real Cool Sound); representative of Berlin ska-scene Boris Borowski (i.a. Spartan Allstars) and Wioletta Baran (Big Fat Mama).

Slow Down

IRIE™ | Steady Social Club - Slow Down

Release Date: May 11, 2020
Label: Steady Social Club
Copyright: 2020 Steady Social Club
Total Length: 36:28
Total Tracks: 12
Format: Album
Genre: Rocksteady

RESPECT | Steady Social Club 1
RESPECT | Steady Social Club 1

Their studio session was an analog recording on a glorious 16-track Tascam MS-16 tape machine. Work without computers opened their eyes to a different approach to the recording session. Songs were performed in one take from the beginning to the end (no punch-ins, copying, cutting). Eventually, it turned out that most of the first takes made it to the final album, hence the title. To stay true to the work methods of Jamaican producers of that era, the songs were mixed in mono on an analog mixing console. Even the album cover is a manual work of labor, created from a lino-cut! Soooo IRIE!

The ‘Take One’ album is self-produced. The band members promise more analog music from the Steady Social Club Records in the near future.

IRIE Magazine is feeling ‘Steady’ and ‘IRIE’ about Steady Social Club. They are a special band with a truly, special sound. IRIE invites you to ‘Slow Down’ and feel Steady Social Club’s love for Rocksteady music!

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