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Run Away

Run Away was written, recorded, and produced by Rémy Duprat, self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician, in his studio in Biarritz (FRANCE) and mastered by Alexis Bardinet, founder of the famous Globe audio mastering studio in Bordeaux (FRANCE).

During a trip between the wild territories of Alaska and the Yukon, and the legendary Californian coast, Rémy composed the album.

Concerned by social inequalities and the troubles of modern times, he delivers sensitive lyrics tinged with emotion on rhythmic music with atmospheric melodies and deep bass.

Savage Way | Chrome Jail

IRIE™ | Savage Way - Chrome Jail

The artist draws his inspiration from reggae’s origins, with artists such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Dennis Brown, Culture.

Contemporary artists, such as California’s Stick Figure and Marcus Gad, the Caledonian ambassador of mystical and meditative roots reggae, whom he followed on the European scene for around 40 concerts (as a keyboardist), have also influence Savage Wave.

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