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The Pursuit

Meet Rise Up, a Roots Rock Reggae band from California. On March 25, 2021, they released a five-song album titled ‘The Pursuit’. This was the band’s fourth release following their debut EP in 2019 and the release of two singles in 2020.

Aptly named ‘The Pursuit’, this new album forced Rise Up to find a new path to writing and recording the songs during such unprecedented times.

Written and conceptualized over video-conference calls and sending tracks back and forth, the album was eventually recorded in a weekend session engineered by Rise Up’s own Leland Smith (Lead Guitar, Melodica). The band then linked up with renowned Reggae producer EN Young (Imperial Sound Studios) to mix and master the tracks.

Rise Up | Burn It Slow

IRIE™ | Rise Up - Burn it Slow

Whether it’s the groovy head-bobbing vibe of “With A Queen,” the fiercely conscious lyrical flow and big horns of “Newsman,” the hypnotic and rootsy vibe of “Burn It Slow,” the strong driving riddim turned to slow dub of “Wrong To Dem”, or the heavy bassline and haunting lead synth of “Subliminal Surrender”; Rise Up’s growth as a band, and it’s eclectic influences are on full display on this new album.

The band will also drop a special dub release titled Smoke Break on 4/20, recorded and produced by Smith and Jahmadeus.

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