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After Moon Invaders split in 2014, Nico, former drummer, and Pierre, former guitarist reconnected during a Slackers’ gig in Belgium.

They agreed that the Pum Pum Hotel Studio would be the perfect place to experiment with a new dub project so they scheduled a date to meet there and give it a try.

Just a few minutes after entering the studio, the record key was pressed and the first tracks’ recording of Dub Rocketry was on the way.

Nico playing drums with Pierre playing bass first and next Nico adding keyboard, melodica, percussions and Pierre adding the guitars.

They were joined later by David Loos and Rolf Langsjoen, previously saxophonist and trumpetist of Moon Invaders.

It took one year to record the 12 tracks and finish the dub mix using analog tapes machines, vintage effects and vintage instruments.

FireCrackers – Big Stick

IRIE™ | Pyrotechnist - Firecrackers - Big Stick

Release Date: February 2020
Label: Badasonic Records
Copyright: Badasonic Records
Total Length: 4:19
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

RESPECT | Pyrotechnist 1
RESPECT | Pyrotechnist 1

With the help of Chuck Wren, “Dub Rocketry” first LP came out in 2016 on Jump Up Records the famous label from Chicago.

They had so much fun doing this first album that they decided to renew the experiment and launched the ‘FireCrackers’ recordings one year later, right on time for the Badasonic Records label creation.

‘FireCrackers’, the second LP, comes out in February 2020.

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