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Prince Theo

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“Music adopted me spiritually as it was ordained by the vibrations of the Almighty – it’s a natural mysticism.”

Raised in Jamaica, cultural lyrics and a fresh positive-ness are the signs of Prince Theo’s music. His early
recordings ‘Jailhouse’ on the Linx Label, ‘Gi mi di Weed’ on King Jammys, and ‘The Music’ on Trinity records earned him rave reviews and significant exposure on the local and international music scene, and after being enlisted on Morgan Heritage’s ‘Family and Friends’ compilation volume 1 with ‘Can’t Forget The Times’ gaining worldwide recognition, it opened ears for their follow-ups volumes 2 and 3.

The artist’s vast potential is highlighted in his debut album, ‘Set the Captives Free’. His smooth baritone voice expresses a variety of emotions; rebel soulfulness, joyful crooning, and mesmerizing chanting.

Not long after the worldwide success of ‘Set the Captives Free’, Prince Theo was added to the Artist roster of Reggae Vibes Productions, with a number of top songs including ‘True Lover’, ‘Seh Feh’, ‘Just To Be Alive’ and ‘Missing You’ as well as the EP entitled ‘So Splendid’, distributed by VP records.

A release, which led to another successful step of strongly establishing himself in the music business as well as also a musical elevation.

Give Praises

IRIE™ | Prince Theo - Give Praises

Release Date: August 20, 2019
Label: Duke Production
Copyright: 2019 Duke Production
Total Length: 6:43
Total Tracks: 2
Format: Single (includes Dub)
Genre: Reggae

Respect | Prince Theo 1
Respect | Prince Theo 1

Prince Theo comes back with ‘Give Praises’ his latest single produced by Switzerland based label Duke Production, the musical journey continues and the expectation of freshness is always met by the orchestral melodies of true inspiration from the artist.

“I will always give thanks to the Father for His blessings – both musically and spiritually…” Prince Theo

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