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Payoh SoulRebel

Payoh SoulRebel is a professional singer born in Madrid in 1978. In 2002, he moved to Valencia where he began his musical career working with Alberto Tarín (New York Ska-Jazz Essemble) in a show called ‘Livin’ Reggae’. Raised on the reggae classics, he was part of one of the first reggae bands in Spain called, ‘Jah Macetas’, as well as an original member of the reggae trio, ‘Oldfashioneds’, which performed shows alongside Jamaican artist like Clinton Fearon, Earl Greyhound, David Hillyard, The Skatalites and Lee Perry, to name a few.

In 2012, he teamed up with DJ Baay Selectah to create ‘Valmeria Roots’, a mixtape series using reworked classic reggae tunes sampled by Baay Selectah with original lyrics by Payoh SoulRebel. During his solo career, he worked wth many producers including Don Fe, Roberto Sanchez, Genis Trani, Heavy Roots, Jumpin Muzic, Chalart 58, Santi Mijarra, U-Rie, Don Goliath, Capra Dread etc…

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