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Reggae Music Tape

Born in Venice (IT), Patois Brothers started writing their first songs in 2013. They then released two roots reggae albums, Mighty Ways (2015, Venice) and Wise and Wild (2017, London), featuring a collaboration with Max Romeo. In just a few years they performed in many Italian and European stages such as Rototom Sunsplash (Spain), Overjam (Slovenia), Seasplash (Croatia) and others.

In 2019 they expanded their musical tastes and opened to urban sounds and popular music, combining them to the band’s distinctive roots rock reggae style. They wrote three records that anticipate the style of their third album, set for release in spring 2020.

The time spent together as friends and blood brothers have made sure that their music would grow with them, creating an authentic identity that is not very common in music today.

“We don’t believe in leaving musical genres behind, we believe in their evolution. We want to bring reggae music to a new dimension, and not leave it untouched to rest. She has done a lot for all of us, and we will do the same for her.”

Reggae Music Tape

IRIE™ | Patois Brothers - Reggae Music Tape

Release Date: January 7, 2020
Label: Patois Brothers
Copyright: 2020 Patois Brothers
Total Length: 3:17
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

‘Reggae Music Tape’, the new single from Patois Brothers, is out now and it’s their third self-produced track before the release of their upcoming album. The Italian band wants to give Roots Reggae a new sound, as anticipated with their first two tracks,  Revolutionary Sound and  Smoke it Up. The new single shows the integration of pop and trap with a classic 70’s British standard, creating a very interesting result.

The connection between genres in the track is really fresh and dynamic, charmingly flowing over a solid reggae riddim. Patois Brothers hint that the album is going to be very innovative, with a variety of influences from other genres: cosmopolitan energy amiably mixing with reggae music.

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